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..: The IDF Cold War in Hebron :..
June 6, 2007

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The Israeli military commander of Hebron, colonel Yehuda Fuchs, has imposed a curfew on the poor Palestinians who live in the old city of Hebron many times. He also closed the main entrance gates to the old market. Nothing has changed in the city of Hebron since 1997. The occupational military commanders who served in Hebron have changed, but the city still lives the same curfews, the same suffering, the same regular attacks by the Jewish settlers and the Israeli soldiers. The Israeli headquarter in the city and under the various commanders is going ahead in implementing the old Zionist plan of turning Hebron into a "Jewish only" city. Whatever happened in the city, from both the Israeli and the Palestinian side, it was always used by the IDF to "create facts on the ground". For example, the massacre perpetrated in 1995 by the psychopath from New York, Baruch Goldstein, resulted in the destruction and expropriation of the vegetable market, the closure of Al-Shuhada street and in 12 years of continued, almost uninterrupted curfew for Palestinians in the whole city. The plan to depopulate, ethnically cleanse Hebron, is old and has been in implementation since 1967. The specific style of its implementaiton changes from commander to Israeli commander, but what is common is "timing" and "apparent legitimacy": any excuse is used to expropriate a house here, kill somebody there, arrest a group elsewhere, steal some land, ... and if no excuse is found, then some incident is created by the settlers. In this way, supposed "legitimacy" is given to theft and murder with so-called "military orders". A jewish religious extremist from New York has arrived and is without house ? No problem. Create an incident, provoke the Palestinians, kill somebody. The result is always the same: the occupation commander of the day, Shamni, Tivon, Weinberg, Fuchs or whatever their name, issues a "military order" to expropriate this or that coveted house or piece of land. The owners are kicked out, or shot (or dynamited or bulldozed or knifed or clubbed ...) on the spot if they resist, eventually the property is declared "abandoned" and ownership is given by Israel, which has no jurisdiction in Palestinian lands, to the "religious" nut who came from far away to thrive in crime.

Yehuda Fuchs, the angry man at the right, is the new occupier of Hebron

The "Shamni-Fuchs" road between Tel-Rumeidah and Al-Shuhada Street.

In 1997, when the Israeli military commander was colonel Gadi Shamni, he had made a tour with the Israeli civil administration Commander Colonel Baruch Nagar and other officers. They were joined by an engineering team from Tel Rumeidah and walked until the Muslim cemetery. The commander’s tour was not through the main Al-Shuhada Street. The tour was from the Palestinian gardens in Tel-Rumeidah until the cemetery. The engineering team had some maps and made remarks during the whole tour. I was an eyewitness of this tour, I followed the commanders, and I understood that they were drawing a map to open a new road as a link between Tel-Romeidah and Al-Shuhada street. I wrote about this tour (here, in Arabic). When I published my article two days later, the Israeli civil administration was not happy. A "Colonel Alex" from the office of Baruch Nagar called me saying that there was no need to publish this news as it would "create a negative a atmosphere against peace". I understood from this officer "Alex" that this plan would not be implemented then. The road was made some years later. The usual "military orders" were distributed by the end of 2006, and it is now completed, about 10 years later.

What happens in Hebron under Colonel Fuchs is not new. His big "achievement" was to open a new road for the settlers passing through Palestinians agricultural lands. This road was a link between Kach settlements in Tel Rumeida and Avraham Avino. Actually Al-Shuhada Street is a link between these settlements, as this street is for exclusive use by the Jewish settlers since the massacre commited by the terrorist Goldstein, who murdered 29 and injuring dozens of others at the Abraham Cave. Other achievements of Fuchs was confiscating (or actually, stealing) the Al-Aqtab mosque at the Vegetable market, and destroying dozens of Palestinian homes near the Abraham cave and replacing them with a new road as a link between the mosque and the Jewish settlement Kiryat Araba, and finally on the 18th of March 2007, occupying the Palestinian building of Fayez Al-Rajaby by Jewish settlers. Off course there were more "achievements" in the city, about which nobody can really say anything positive, such as the daily attacks, arrests and murders committed by the Jewish settlers and soldiers.

Demo with children of Hebron, in 2001, against the curfew imposed by the Israeli occupation

In 2001, during the time of Dror Weinberg, I sent a letter signed by the poor children of Hebron to former UN General Secretary Kofi Annan complaining about the continued curfew, which by then had lasted 183 days. I also organized a small demonstration with these children under 9 years in front of their houses.An officer called "Shlomo" with first name from Golani broke the hand of a man from the Abu-Hayeh family, who had been watching over the children from a window. The officer did this because he was not happy to see the man looking at the small demonstration of children

The unanswered letter of the Hebronite children to Kofi Annan

Here (above) is the letter which had send 2001 to the former U.N president Kofi Annan by the poor children of this city. A copy of this letter was send to the military former commander Dror Weinberg. But there was no answer. Neither Kofi Annan nor anybody from the UN ever answered. To this day, the genocide of Palestine continues under the watchful, approving eye of the U.N., while that institution has the shamelessness to speak sanctimoniously of "Human Rights". We Palestinians are not the first victims of the U.N., nor will we be the last ones. This letter could as well have been written today and to the new General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon. The only question is if he would answer or we would see the same indolence and cowardice.

These are the children of illegal Jewish settlers in Hebron. They carry weapons since early
childhood and can kill any Palestinian whenever they want. They are protected by the IDF. 

This is a "Military Order" issued by the IDF to Palestinians. This is
how the Israeli government covers up land theft by "legalizing" it.

When will the U.N. insist that Israel comply to the 65 or so resolutions which have been adopted by the U.N. General Assembly against Israel and its criminal behavior ?

When will countries around the world stop financing this institution which supports and covers up wars of aggression and genocide, as it has repeatedly done ? Some examples of the attitude of the U.N. before genocide and wars of aggression are Palestine, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and currently Somalia / Ethiopia. In all of these cases, what happened or is still going on could have been avoided, had the U.N. not studiously looked the other way.

What goal does the U.N. pursue by looking away and thus supporting and covering up genocide, in Palestine and elsewhere ?

Who does the U.N. serve when it supports and covers up genocide and wars of aggression ?

When will the U.N. put in place an International Court of Justice which will not allow criminal states like Israel to decide whether its officials will be prosecuted ?

Israel has complied with exactly NONE of the conditions which it accepted when it joined the U.N. - Why has Israel not been expulsed from the U.N. ?

When will countries around the world understand that crimes against humanity have nothing to do with politics and everything to do with crime, and act accordingly ?

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