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  ..: IDF loots $200.000 from private households in Beit Hanoun :..
November 13, 2006

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From left: Yoav Gallant, commander of the IDF southern command, Dan Halutz, Ehud Olmert.
Are they planning the November 8 "accident" of Beit Hanoun ? (pic credit: dpa)

(Here is what happened while they were stealing)

Judging from below report from a press conference of the mayor of Beit Hanoun, the "soldiers" of the Givati criminal rabble were not content with murdering and injuring hundreds of people, destroying property valued at millions of dollars, destroying the livelihood of a whole city during their so-called "Autumn Clouds" operation, but they also had time to steal cellphones, gold (which is the most widely used form of saving in Palestine) and other private property from the homes of impoverished people who are already under a genocidal regime of starvation. It is obvious that these Israeli Jews from the Givaty Unit did not steal because they are hungry, but that they stole because they are thieves.

The Mayor of Beit Hanoun, Muhammad Nazek Al-Kafarneh, said during a press conference he held after the recent massacre, that the Israeli soldiers participating in
the so-called “Autumn Clouds” operation in the city used the ocassion to steal Palestinian property: money, gold, cellphones and other valuables.

- The total value of things stolen from private persons and households amounts to over 200,000 dollars.

The mayor also enumerated the loss and damages which the Israeli terrorists caused in the city of Beit Hanoun:
- The loss due to damages to water equipment is 350,000 dollars.
- The loss due to damages to the infrastructure for processing wasted water is 450,000 dollars.
- The loss due to damage and destruction of Palestinian houses amounts to 2,5 million dollars.
- The loss due to damages to road infrastructure amounts to 3,5 million dollars.
- The loss due to damages to the public gardens and the children gardens amounts to 200,000 dollars.
- The loss and the damages of the electricity net are 2,5 million dollars.
- The losses to the economy of the city amounts to one million dollars.
- The loss due to damages to the communication net amounts to 1,5 million dollars.
- The loss due to damages to public property amounts to 1,5 million dollar.

The mayor said that the Israeli terrorists destroyed 25 public facilities of the city, and other 25 facilities were damaged partially. He gives the amount lost due to these damages as half a million dollars.

Further, mayor Al-Kafarneh said that 40 shops were destroyed completely; the loss due to the destruction of these shops is 200.000 dollars.

The losses of the city in the sectors of agriculture and health are not counted among the losses given above.

A soldier and an officer of the IDF, preparing for the "Autumn Clouds" operation. Any information
such as exact ID, unit, nationality ... of these two soldiers for eventual future indictment and
prosecution as war criminals will be greatly appreciated. (pic credit: arab newspapers)

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