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July 30, 2003

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War in Iraq, war in Palestine, war in Lebanon, war in Afganistan. Shootings, killings. And the destruction of villages and cities with tons and tons of bombs. Nail bombs, chemical bombs, cluster bombs, bigger bombs, smaller bombs, fragmentation bombs, uranium bombs. Thousands of bombs made in the U.S.A and used by Israel to destroy the Arab nations and grab our lands and resources.

A 3 y/o girl from Gaza, killed recently by the IDF

July, 25 2006. Five American military airplanes carrying weapons and tons of bombs and explosive materials fly from the American military bases in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and land in the middle of southern Israeli military bases. Two American airplanes carrying even more destruction stopped in Britain on their way to Israel. Israel has atomic bombs, nuclear weapons. The Israeli nuclear factory at Dimona is working since 40 years to make them. Dimona is closed to the international inspectors from IAEA. Israel has become an advanced base for the American dreams of conquest in the Middle East.

Why is Israel being supplied so generously with U.S weapons and money?

Mr. George Bush, President of “Shit”, as he said while talking to Blair about the war in Lebanon: “You see, the ... thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it's over”, continues to repeat his inane babble about “the Israelis have the right to defend themselves”. What kind of self-defense is President “Shit” talking about? This “self-defense” is pure American bullshit. Propaganda lies made up by the criminals of the U.S and Israel to legitimize the war on innocent civilians and steal their land.

Why do the Lebanese, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Afghanis, and Palestinians not have the same right to defend themselves? Why are they always branded as “terrorists”, “radicals”, “islamists” and other meaningless as offensive things when they defend themselves and what belongs to them against violence?

These two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah were not in Israel or at the Israeli border in the southern of Lebanon at the moment they were captured. They and their units had moved deeper in the south of Lebanon. Israel never sends their soldiers to neighboring countries to implement “peace missions” or to exercise “legitimate defense”. We all know that the two Israeli soldiers were on a mission of murder and terror against the Lebanese civilians, just as in over 11.000 cases since the IDF was kicked out from Lebanon. In the case of the two soldiers who were captured during the incident which started the current war against Lebanon, the unit was most probably sent north of the border as an act of provocation, to start a war which had already been planned by the IDF and the Americans. The soldiers probably thought it would be just another tour of inconsequential “fun”, murdering defenseless civilians north of the border; they did not know what the IDF commando had planned for them.

Israel has left behind a big net of collaborators and spies in Lebanon. Israel provides them sensitive technical equipment to enable them to carry out their missions, which consist in spying and in murdering people who are politically undesirable to Israel. The Lebanese security and Hezbollah have caught 70 spies helping the Israeli military and the air force to shell the Lebanese buildings and infrastructure during the past days.

In southern Lebanon, Israel has ordered all the people to clear out. Israel then destroyed their homes and murdered hundreds of them. Almost destroyed complete towns, villages and cities. Israel did the same to the Palestinians living in the small town near Gaza, Rafah and Al-Areesh. Then squatters are sent in to grab the so “abandoned” lands. Israel is doing now the same in Lebanon. The Israeli plan is to destroy whole cities and villages in southern Lebanon and to grab a wide strip in order to take control of the water sources there, the Litani River.

Amnon Dankner, psychopath pleading for genocide
(photo from

Amnon Dankner, the editor of Ma’ariv, demanded that the leaders of Israel should destroy all towns and homes, to flatten them to the level of the earth over the head of their Lebanese residents. The Israel air force has destroyed thousands of Lebanese houses and buildings, including the UN facility which was destroyed over the head of the International observers. Four members of this International unit were killed. This was done by use of a 500Kg bomb dropped from an airplane after 10 hours of shelling.

The murder of the UN observers, the destruction of buildings over the head of Lebanese and of Palestinians in Gaza too, all came before the Ma’ariv newspaper editor published his appeal for war crimes. This was, as always, allowed by the U.S. and the Arab “leadership”.

After the tragic and deplorable crime against the UN observers, the U.S hindered the UN Security Council to adopt a statement on Thursday of July, 27 in which Israel should have been given responsibility for the crime against the UN observers in southern Lebanon. Under U.S pressure, the statement was changed several times to free Israel. The UN Council adopted instead a weak statement in which they express their shock and distress at Israeli’s bombing of a UN outpost in Lebanon that killed four unarmed UN peacekeepers. The U.S demanded of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to ignore calls for a cease-fire; Condoleezza Rice said during her visit to Israel that the U.S. opposes an immediate cease-fire that is not part of a broader arrangement. I don’t think the war on Lebanon is part of 'birth pangs of a new Middle East'.

A day after these declarations, the Israelis destroyed many building in the south of Lebanon. They also destroyed several Palestinians houses in Gaza, killing 27 Palestinians, four persons from the same family, among them an infant of one month and a three years old girl.

The civilian murders are always congratulated and protected by the U.S government. “Old widow” Condoleezza Rice worked hard to end the Rome summit on the situation in Lebanon with no clear results for an immediate cease-fire. She shot down a joint European-Arab demand for that. On the other hand, she proposed a 20-kilometer-wide strip of southern Lebanon, starting at the Israeli border, to be declared a no-go zone for Hezbollah; an international force headed by NATO commanders, with authority to use both deterrent and offensive force, would be deployed in this strip to monitor and stabilize the situation. Why should such a security strip of 20 Km not be in Israel? It is Israel who constantly attacks its neighbors; it is the IDF and its precursor organizations who has made a sport out of murdering defenseless civilians and stealing their lands.

Haim Ramon, psychopathic instigator of genocide.
(Picture taken from his website at the Knesset)

Israeli “Justice” Minister Haim Ramon saw in the results of the Rome summit “green light” for the Israeli war against Lebanon, a permission to do everything and anything. Perhaps because of this he called for the extermination of all civilians in southern Lebanon, after all, the IDF had warned them to leave, make place for jewish squatters.

The Israeli destruction increased day by day in southern of Lebanon and Palestine, but the world continued to look away, including all Arab regimes. Everybody is scared of the Israeli-American threat. That is a shame for the Arabs. These regimes took shameful decisions against themselves, their human dignity, and their nations and against history when they decided to support Israel’s crimes. I wonder how these Arab “leaders” will be remembered by the coming generations.

Hosni Mubarak, President of the biggest Arab country, and who is also known as “the smiling cow” described the war in a vulgar word, “Al-Bita’da”, which is Egyptian street slang for penis. He probably did this to show his masters in Washington that he is on their level. He said “This war is a loss for Israel and a loss for Al-Bita’da”. He also said “Egypt will not fight against Israel because of Hezbollah, I’m sure that Israel is not thinking to make any war against Egypt”. Well, he could be very wrong on that point. Furthermore, Egypt allowed the American ships which carried the U.S weapons for Israel to pass the Suez Canal. All activities along the canal were stopped for the American ships to pass unnoticed and “safe”, even the workers were sent away, only government people were allowed near the canal while the Americans were passing.

A dim-bulb President kissing an illiterate Prince

Saudi Arabia, the kingdom of Oil and Illiteracy, also absolved Israel from any responsibility in the Lebanon war and declared Hezbollah as the sole responsible, never mind the provocations from Israel. The religious Sheikh supported by the family of Saud, Abed Allah bin Jebrin, made a “Fatwa” against Hezbollah. He decreed that it is now forbidden to support Hezbollah ‘Al-Rafidi’ or follow them or to call for them to win. The Saudi media is giving their full support for Israel; Saudi writers have written craven articles expressing their support to Israel. For example, Mr. Ahmad Abed Al-Rahman Al-Arfaj wrote on July 17th, 2006 on the Elaph website “Sharon was missed during the dark night”. He used the Arabic proverb, “the moon is missed during the dark night” to heap adulation on this monster. The writer conveniently forgot that the war criminal Sharon had engineered the massacres of Sabra and Shatila and other crimes against humanity.

I expect the Saudi writers who get their own support from the Saudi Royal family to twist the facts in the media to the point of even stating that it was Jews who built the Kaa’ba in Mecca. After all, this would be a logical path to follow for the lackeys of people widely believed to be descendants of Jews of the name Mordechai. The Qur’an as distributed in the kingdom has been purged of all revelations and passages deemed “offensive” by Jewry; the curriculum in schools and seminaries has been changed accordingly. They betray their purported religion in order to satisfy the U.S and their ‘God’ Bush.

The Royal family of Jordan has also relieved the Israeli side from the responsibility for the war in Lebanon, and has instead heaped all culpability on Hezbollah. The Jordanians held official meetings with Israeli generals expressing their support for the war. Ehud Barak in turn described the Jordanian Royal family as a “Royal family on a group of graze Bedouin”. Jordan is a poor country and their economy relies in part on help coming from other countries. The U.S.A has secret jails in Jordan and “outsources” torture to the Jordanians. The Jordanian government, the Royal family, was involved with the U.S.A against Iraq, the allowed flights from Israel, and have allowed the Americans at least one secret base in the desert near Iraq. They also have a bad relationship with Syria. The gambling habits of the current king may have something to do with that servile attitude.

The United Arab Emirates, which also opened their country for American military bases, and Kuwait, all expressed their support to Israel in this war against Lebanon. From Qatar several American airplanes carried bombs and weapons to Israel.

The Arab “leaders” who support the war against Lebanon report to the U.S claiming that Hezbollah will not be able to survive more than a week in his war against Israel (by now they are standing their own for 18 days). These leaders spy on their neighbor countries and provide U.S and Israel with false information. The Arab peoples hate these decrepit, stupid “leaders” who give full support for the U.S. and who are only able to cling to their seats because of the massive American support they receive.

"Phear my Finger dirty Ayrabs, or I'll make ya suffer like ma Dawg !"
he seems to be saying with that smart and resolute expression.

President George Bush called these leaders at the beginning of the war. He demanded they should declare their full support for the U.S. and Israel. These vassal “leaders” shit in their pants when U.S president, or Rice or even when the American ambassador call them. I feel shame of these traitors who are just worried about their chairs, and I feel sorrow for the Arab nations who re led by these corrupted dictators. I am sure that what ever these corrupt “leaders” did to satisfy the U.S and Israel will not be enough for their masters, who will only come back and demand more concessions from them.

Israel is a big threat to all the Middle East, and the U.S is pushing forward together with them for a “new” Middle East. Condi “black old widow” Rice said “whatever we do, we have to be certain that we are pushing forward to the new Middle East, not going back to the old one” during her meeting with U.N. members who had just returned from the region seeking a ceasefire last Saturday.

George Bush the President of ‘shit’ said in the press conference with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, in Washington, “Yet our aim is to turn it into a moment of opportunity and a chance for broader change in the region."

The U.S dream, of establishing a New Middle East will never succeed, even if Mr. Al-Thawahri, the assistant of Osama bin C.I.A continues sending his ridiculous “tapes” to the media. Osama bin Laden and Al-Thawahri, the criminal hirelings of the C.I.A. are not representing the Middle East – apart from the media, that is, whenever they are trotted out to make all Arabs, all Muslims, look bad. President George Bush commented about the speeches of ‘Al-Thawahri bin C.I.A’ about the war in Lebanon, he said: ‘the threats of Ayman Al-Thawahri against Israel do not surprise me’.
Perhaps, the U.S will some day catch somebody and present him as a victory of killing the leader of Al-Qaeda. This is a possibility which will come after destroying the Middle East. This is the reality of the sick U.S. Who believes that Al-Thawahri can do anything without the help of U.S?

The speech of Al-Thawahri was expected. This is the only justify the Israeli genocide, and help the U.S to use nuclear weapons to intimidate Muslims into acquiescence to Israel's desires, and build a new Middle East. The dream of a New Middle East will change into a real Hell against the U.S and Israel. Our advice for Condoleezza Rice is to deliver in the U.S., far away of the Middle East, if she gets a pregnant of her President.

Let us wish Condi a very painful and memorable abortion.

P.S: While writing this article, Israel bombed a refugee shelter in Qana, Lebanon. According to current reports, 'at least' 65 women and children were killed or injured. At the time this happened, morally depraved Condi was in Israel. She declined to condemn this crime of war but instead chose to waffle around. There is some badly needed work to be done on all levels in order to commit her and those around her to a jail for the criminally insane.

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