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February 06, 2006

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On 4 February 2006, I gave a word that I will not publish the whole story in media until I meet the director of the company were the problem appeared. The rules of  journalism don't allow me to publish any scandal, investigation or report without listening to everybody involved in the story. By writing this diary I am not betraying my promise, my word or the values of my journalistic work. I am not posting the story, the names of these companies, the persons or further details of the scandal.

Perhaps this should take a part in the public discussion and the media in the next future. Or perhaps this scandal is not a scandal, and it should be considered as an error or a mistake which happens during the work in the biggest companies. Perhaps there will be a possibility to solve the problem without appearing in the media, before the police and the justice. From my point of view and according to different calls and talks I made with my colleagues who have experience in the field of journalistic investigations, they all expect a scandal and a criminal person behind all the story which i told them. They are all waiting to hear further details.

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Journalists always communicate and talk when problems appear anywhere. Journalism is a holy and ethical message before being a  profession. We should say the truth, all the truth, if it concerns this or that. This is the principal base of our journalistic work.

The scandal which appears in one of the biggest companies of Austria, reminds me of the scandals which appeared in the biggest shoe factory of Palestine, which belongs to my sisters husband, who carries a V.I.P pass and is considered as one of the richest persons in Palestine. The close relationship between me, my sisters husband and the family did not allow me to break the moral codes of my journalistic work. I published my report against the illegal corruption which affected hundreds of workers in the family factories. There were many scandals and corruption stories which I brought to the media, and brought happiness to the people. In all of these scandals the victims were always too weak to defend their rights.

In very corrupt country Israel, which continuously violated my rights to practice my duties as a journalist, the Israeli occupation government was forced to investigate Colonel David Kishk and Rami Ikrae after I exposed the scandal in which they involved. They were both investigated for six months by the "Yahab" police unit, which as a result recommanded they be subject to a trial. And when I exposed the Major of Hebron in connection with mismanagement of German government projects, he was not able to insult me like Mr. "Z" from this Austrian company (see below).

Here in Austria, the scandal which appears in front of me seems to me be something different, as it concerns the public just as it concerns me. The moral duties of my work are to be patient and to investigate all the sides honestly.
The symptoms of the scandal appeared when my friend started his work with one of the biggest and the famous companies in Europe.

He bought a black suit, white shirts, ties ...”He never liked to wear this kind of clothes”. Early in the morning he would get out and return at middle of night. He did not have enough time for other things. My friend was telling me everything about his work. I understood that something illegal happening in his big company. I tried to call my friends attention to the symptoms of this scandal. He was not able to hear, he was blinded by the corporate propaganda. Perhaps my friend was bored of sitting at home, jobless for over two years and a half. This was also the reason behind our separation.

I told myself that my friend should discover the things by himself. I should give him a chance to try his luck in this work. I should not make damage on his work. I never was comfortable or satisfied of what he was telling me.

I was astonished when my friend showed me a paper which his boss gave him. This paper itself could bring his boss to the justice, and damage the reputation of this company. I was lucky to hide the paper out of the country as evidence of corruption. I had the feeling that bad things are coming to my innocent friend.

It's not easy for the small workers like my friend who have no experience in the finance business to work  in a big company under the authority of a boss who is just interested in his own financial gains, in selling more than the month before – damn be the consequences.

I never thought that the boss of my friend would push him to do illegal things, that he would facilitate what can only be seen as stealing money from other innocent people. I don't know if this kind of work considered as crime, corruption or Mafia business.

The coming days will expose the scandal with further informations in the local daily media.

When I started complaining about my own problem with this company, the boss of my friend, Mr. Z, reacted by calling my friend, Y, and grossly denigrating me. This is my reaction, via Email, to his boss in turn.

Dear Ms. X,

Mr. Y forwarded to me, via Mr. Z, your order to appear at the internal meeting you have set for next week Wednesday regarding the case of my contracts.

It was forwarded to me that Mr. Z told Mr. Y on the phone that he should bring his "bitch" (that would be me) to the meeting, or else (your company) would not cooperate in any way in the solution of this unpleasant situation.

After that, Mr. Z advised Mr. Y to "kick me in the arse and throw me out". We do not live together, and I have never been insulted in that way. Not even by the extremist settlers.

Does this message represent (your company), or is it just Mr. Z ?

The answer I received to this Email was strange, as if clourds were made of pink sugar cotton, as if from another reality.

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