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January 19, 2006

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Since over five months I haven't written a new article on my home page. Many people write to ask: Are you Ok? Is there anything wrong? What's going on with you? I'm Ok. I'm enjoying my life in the exile since over three years and six months !! It's a big joy which few people understand. When you loose your family, your job, your people, your homeland, then it's very difficult to explain your happiness and joy.

Three years and six months I live in Austria far away of my homeland. In the mean time, many criminal Jewish squatters have left their homelands in Europe and the U.S. and occupied my homeland Palestine, where my father and my grand father and ... were born. In 2002 I was finally thrown out of my homeland so that American squatters and terrorists like Baruch Marzel and Moshe Levinger could live in peace in my house in the old city of Hebron.

Neither me nor other Palestinians have any business with the holocaust against Jews in Europe. During this time my grand-grand parents were living in peace in Palestine. But still, I have become an indirect victim of that holocaust. I am now living in exile as a consequence, my family and all people I know are either dead or reduced to poverty.

Ruins of a house in Hebron
A house in the old city of Hebron - windows cemented close by the jewish squatters

Three years and six months I live in the exile, three years, the time, the hours, the moments and the seconds passed very hard and slowly. On each day the Israelis committed new crimes against my people and against humanity. More killing, more murdering, more arrests, more borders, more crimes, and more violation of the human rights, but in these three and half years I never heard the International media talk about these crimes. They are not even mentioned. The "International Community" is demanding from the Palestinian Authority to end the Palestinians resistance. I never heard the same "International Community" seeking the end of the illegal Jewish settlements in my homeland in the West Bank.

When the Israeli occupation pulled out of Gaza, the occupier state sent many of those squatters to live in the West Bank. These squatters and their government are thieves, and while the American government is paying these criminals so they get out of Gaza, they just went and live in Nablus and other parts of the West Bank. After pulling out of Nablus, perhaps in the year 3000 then, they will go and live in Hebron. Of course their high-yield thieving game is fun while the US government gives them to the tune of US$ 200.000 per family from American tax dollars to leave lands which they stole and where they should never have been in first place.

Never to to miss an opportunity of fomenting terrorism, the government of the Israeli occupation also granted the council of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank permission to establish new settlements in the West Bank. For this purpose the Israeli Finance Ministry had illegaly diverted millions of Sheqels from the Israeli social security budget, and additionally to that, millions of American tax dollars went to build these new houses for illegal settlers in the West Bank instead of alleviating the need of Americans displaced and left homeless by the hurricane Katrina.

The Palestinians have achieved with the Israelis what they call "Hudnah", or truce. I'm happy of that. I would like that now the Israelis would achieve a "Hudnah" with us so that the killing and murdering can stop. The Israelis pulled out of Gaza. That is a big achievement! How wonderful is that? The Israeli occupation converted Gaza into a big open-air jail. But the occupation continues raping Gaza, they confiscated thousands of dunums to serve the expansion of Israel. They continue killing and murdering. They have created death zones inside Gaza, they bomb anything or anybody, for any reason or for no reason at all. Their retreat has not stopped the daily terror against Palestinians, it just changed.

Detail of a window cemented closed with rests of bricks

The Israeli occupation government blocked the old city of my homeland of Hebron. Nobody hears about that in the media. Instead, everybody is busy writing talking about the big achievement represented by the retreat from Gaza. How nice is the occupation ? How human is the war criminal of Sabra and Shatila, the Prime Minister of Israel Areal Sharon. Yes, sure, he is a strong leader, and he is very human. The Palestinians are terrorists! The occupational military declared the city of Hebron a big closed jail, they blocked the Palestinians windows with concrete, the people are not allowed to smell the fresh air.

They closed all the entrances of city. When people die, their relatives have to ask permission to carry out the funerals. When a Palestinian child needs urgent relief, a donkey must carry him from his home to the hospital because ambulances are not permitted to pick the sick people from their homes and bring them to the hospital in the city center. They are all small terrorists and should die ? When a pregnant woman wants to give birth, she should die at home rather than being permitted to go to the hospital. Hebron is declared a military area daily after 18 p.m. and nobody is allowed to get out of his house or to reach his home. That is a big crime in the field of the human rights. That is the occupation, about which the international media never report to the public.

Inside the Palestinian families in Hebron the violence against children and women has increased, the poor situation in which the families live, the continuing siege and military closure of all the city entrances, the closure of the Palestinian windows, the consequent bad economy of the families, the daily military raids of Palestinians houses, occupying the rooftops of the families by the military, closing the schools in the city and converting some of them to a military base, all these Israeli crimes have had negative effect on the social life of Palestinian families.

The divorces have increased, children leave school at a very early age. The husbands beat the women. Some husbands and brothers murder the women or their sisters in Hebron and other cities of the West Bank as a result of the continuing of the occupation and what they called the "honour" of the family. Even making love is over for married couples. No one can make love with his wife while the military is occupying the rooftop of hid house. These human stories are not reported by anybody. But everybody is busy to reporting about the human face of the war general the Prime Minister of Israel, whitewashing one of the most notorious criminals against humanity in recent history.

Those who report about these crimes are considered as anti-Jews, their words are smeared as anti-semitic. The Jews were are victims, there was a holocaust made against them. Everybody should remember that, but nobody is allowed to talk about the Jewish crimes against humanity. The European countries must pay forever millions of dollars to the Jews because of the holocaust, but European countries are not paying us for what they brought us after the holocaust which they perpetrated on the Jews. Nobody is paying for the Jews crimes in our homeland. Nobody seeks an earlier end of the occupation. Everybody is scared to open their mouth. Perhaps they are scared of the Jews eventual return to Europe, so now everybody is paying them, not because they are so committed to atone for their crimes against Jews, but to keep them from ever returning.

Ghost street in Hebron - windows obstructed, inhabitants locked down in the ruins

What follows is a press release from the Commitee for Rehabilitation of Hebron.

Closing doors and windows of Palestinian citizen' buildings
On the Israeli settlers new road

Although they have a sufficient road available, the Israeli issued a military decree in 2002 to demolish 22 buildings east of the Ibrahimi Mosque. After a court case at the Israeli Supreme Court accompanied with an international campaign against that decree, the HRC was able to force them to reduce number of buildings to be demolished from 22 buildings into 3 buildings.

In August 2004 these buildings were demolished and the supposed worshippers road was created. But the Israelis are still not satisfied; on Tuesday the 6th of December 2005 they began blocking doors and windows of Palestinian houses overlooking at that road east of the Abraham Mosque, the road which was created on the ruins of historical buildings in order to connect Kiryat Arbaa settlement wit the Abraham Mosque.

Since the Israeli decree was issued to demolish the mentioned historical buildings Hebron Rehabilitation Committee has tried it's best and contacted all concerned organizations in order to stop implementing this crime against Palestinian cultural heritage and against Palestinians living in that area as HRC is completely aware that creating this road will definitely mean suffering for citizens living around that road, the Israelis will save no effort in order to make life hard on residents of that area and limit their movements in order to let them go.

Closing the mentioned doors and windows with stones is a violation of human rights and violation of Palestinian Heritage as they are erasing our archaeological monuments, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee calls upon you to help stopping implementing this aggression and inquiring your intervention at the Israeli levels to have them re-open the doors and windows they closed to allow their owners living freely and with dignity.

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