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  ..: Israeli Genocide and Apartheid in Hebron :..
August 04, 2005

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Map of newly closed areas in Hebron (right-click and "view image" for a larger view)

Under cover of the Israeli withdrawal propaganda from the Gaza settlements, which the International Media is reporting day and night, and under the unlimited U.S support for the Jewish State, the Israeli government continues robbing the Palestinian lands in the West Bank cities to increase the Jewish settlements. Hundreds of Jewish squatter families who will evacuate from Gaza are going to live in the West Bank settlements. It's a win-win game for these squatters, they will get new homes on stolen Palestinian lands in the West bank, and they will get an estimated US$ 500.000,- of American tax money each.

Their protests seen worldwide on TV during the last weeks can be attributed not so much to losing their stolen property, but to the money offered to them being not enough for their insatiable avarice. And, many of those protesting the "loss" of their homes are American jews who have come to reap the windfall of Palestinian property stolen by the Israelis and financed by the Americans. They had never before been in Palestine.

Today morning, the Israeli government jailed 40000 Palestinian inhabitants in the old city of Hebron by closing all the main entrances of the old city with iron gates. The old city of Hebron has been converted into a concentration camp for all Palestinian families who could or would not flee.

During the previous week, a locked iron door was installed at the tunnel entrance near the robbed vegetable market, near Beit Romano  settlement. This iron door locks the tunnel which is the passage to my robbed house in the old city, where I used to live.

In the service of 400 armed and criminal squatters living in the city of Hebron, 40000 Palestinians are crushed end imprisoned into a small closed bottle.

Here is the Press release from Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (or here in Arabic):

Early this morning, the Israeli Military forces have closed all main entrances to the Old City of Hebron. The forces fixed closed metal and iron gates to close these entrances. This new measure left no access to either cars or pedestrians to the Old City and its hundreds of years old markets.

This action would literally convert the center of Hebron into a big jail; citizens of the Old City are now locked into their houses and wondering how to get into and out from the city and how they will have a life!. While we consider this action as a very dangerous precedent, all the community of Hebron is wondering about the reasons behind this measure!?

We believe that by closing the old city by sealing all its entrances and exits, the Israeli authority are aiming at evacuating the old city from its original inhabitants by making their lives impossible, so they can enforce their racial and expansionist plans by giving more space and free hands for the settlers and their enclaves in the old city.

With this action, the Old City of Hebron became like a big prison, the situation now is very dangerous, inhuman and unbearable, all efforts must be gathered and mobilized in a very serious way to stop this illegal violation and help Hebron city and its center.

Hebron Rehabilitation Committee urges all peace loving and human rights organizations and individuals to practice pressures on Israel to stop its aggression against the old city and seeks your intervention with Israeli authority and the international community to have the Israeli forces stop this action which will be of great danger on the peace and the stability in the city.

Some pictures of the now shut down old city of Hebron, submitted by the Hebron Rehabilitation Commettee, follow. The pictures below show spots in Hebron which before "featured" checkpoints of the IDF. Now the residents have just been jailed in their city and the streets blocked.

A street in the old city. There used to be a checkpoint here. Now there are iron planks.

Formerly a checkpoint, now a wall of iron. The shops are dead, of course.

Another street in old Hebron walled off with iron planks.

This used to be a vibrant market. It is now a border for the concentration camp into
which old city of Hebron has been converted by Jews with support from the Americans

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