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November 14, 2004

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Both Arafat and Rabin, initiators of the last legitimate Peace Process, were murdered by Israel's extremists.

According to Al-Bayan, the Russian Intelligence gave a report about the history of the U.S and Israel of using Radiation Poisoning to kill Arabs leaders to the PA.
Maher Ibrahim, a Palestinian Journalist from Gaza, wrote in Al-Bayan on 13 November 2004 an article (Arabic) (local copy here) titled “Israeli Radiation Poisoning Killed President Yasser Arafat”. Al-Bayan is a Political Daily Newspaper published in Dubai. Al-Bayan belongs to the family of Sheikh Maktoum, the royal family in Dubai.

The writer interviewed a source very close to President Arafat, who said that the Israeli Mossad used Radiation Poisoning to kill President Arafat. The source stated that the prevalent believe in the PA is that President Arafat was victim of a plot to use radiation to poison him. According to the source, his body was affected from a distance between two – three meters for a couple of weeks before his sickness.

The Israeli Zionist Mossad has used the same technical experience which they have successfully used to poison other Arab leader before President Yasser Arafat. We believe that some of his visitors “a foreign journalist or a Palestinian collaborator of the Mossad” has implemented this dirty mission.

The Palestinian source repeated that Khaled Mishal, a political leader of Hamas was poisoned in 1997 by the Israeli Mossad agents, in the same way of poisoning President Arafat. The Jordanian King Hussein forced Israel to bring an antidote after two of the Mossad  agents were held in Jordan.

1995 - Arafat at a press conference after the murder of Premier Rabin

The Palestinian source said that there were signs of poisoning in some of Arafat's  medical examination results. These signs were not conclusive because Arafat was poisoned from a distance, this made the effect of the poison on his body very slow.

He repeated, the poisoning of Arafat in his old age, under a terrible siege and in the unhealthy situation in Ramallah headquarters, where the Israeli occupation had jailed him since over three years, all had a negative result on his health, and helped to make his poisoning inconspicuous.

The Palestinians said that the PA officers and  French officers discussed about the various cases of Radiation Poisoning murders among Arab personalities. According to the article, Palestinian officers received a report from the Russian Intelligences in which it shows that the U.S. were the first ones to use radiation poisoning to kill Palestinian leader Wadia Hadad and later Algerian President Hawari Abu Midden.

The Americans also used radiation poisoning to kill another Arab President, (they mean Hafez Al-Assad) who was said to have been poisoned from a distance by former U.S Foreign Minster Madeleine Albright. According to the reports, she killed the President during her last meeting with him. 

The Palestinians officials of the PA met their French counterparts in Paris, were they discussed the radiation poisoning theory, but the French were not able to help Arafat while the U.S and Tel Aviv are the only ones to have the suitable treatment against this and while the time of giving treatment to Arafat was over. He should have been given treatment during the first 48 hours after he fell in Level 4 Coma.

"Abu Ammar is in the Heart of Palestine"

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Picture Credits: Al-Ittihad