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  ..: Israel and their Victory of Killing Arafat :..
November 13, 2004

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“When human beings loose their humaneness, they turn into wild animals. This is the only difference between humans and animals.”

Yasser Arafat

What would happen if Palestinians danced, gave out sweets and celebrated the death of the wildest, most treacherous, engineer of Massacres and Terrorism, the Israeli Prime Minister Sharon? This worst of all neighbors, the enemy of peace and anti-Semitic Israel, states: “Israel was released Thursday from the punishment of the most treacherous and wildest of its enemies, Arafat”. “With Arafat's death Israel has breathed a huge sign of relief”. The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz published this insult a few hours before the start of Yasser Arafat's burial ceremony In Egypt, insulting the feeling of the Palestinians and the representants of the countries who took place in Arafat's funeral

The Israeli officials, rightists and leftists, expressed their happiness at Arafat's death.

“Arafat's death is a historic turning point” said the engineer of bloody massacres, Sharon.

“I hated Arafat”, said the Israeli Minister of Injustice, Yosef Lapid, blaming him for global terrorism and the failure of the achievement of peace.

“Arafat's death is the beginning of a new Era in our relationship with the Palestinians” said State President Moshe Katsav.

“Arafat's death removed a thick cloud imposed on life and the freedom values, the Epidemic has vanished...” said Ivey Itam, the fascist of the Mefdal.

Yossi Lapid, Israeli Minister of Injustice. He hated Arafat.

These hate-filled statements from prominent Israeli politicians are clear expressions of Anti-Semitism and are a bad omen for a future neighborhood relationship between Palestinians and Jews. These are not the words of people interested in peace with their neighbors. They are the words of people who prefer continued bloodshed before peace every time they are given the choice.

The world needs to reconsider who are the terrorists and which side really wants a just peace in this conflict which has already lasted for too long. Western politicians should take a very close look at people like Lapid, Katsav, Sharon and others who continuously afford more money and protection from you. Probably you will discover that these people are not viable partners for anything, and that any association with them will ultimately ruin you and your country. We Palestinians have long since discovered this in the hard way.

The Israeli Political Arabic Newspaper “Al-Ittihad”, wrote an article titled “Unlimited Impudence”. The Israeli rightists rushed to the streets demonstrating their happiness, holding hate filled and Anti-Semitic posters, handing out sweets and burning Arafat pictures, insulting their Palestinian neighbours,  the Israeli Arab citizens, and the Arab world. The American Jewish squatters from the  Kach terror movement, Baruch Marzel and Itamar ben Gaber, took part in the Jewish celebration of Arafat's death in Jerusalem.

Yasser Arafat

In Paris Arafat's coffin was carried by a French Honour Guard, draped with the Palestinians flag during a ceremony at the French military base. Arafat was given full military honours by France. This was a slap in the face of the Israeli State.

Dignitaries from over 60 countries took part in the funeral procession for Yasser Arafat in Egypt, but Israel sent nobody. President Yasser Yasser Arafat cried for the death of Israeli former Prime Minster Ytzhaq Rabin and he visited his widow Lea Rabin in secret to express his condolences. For people who constantly talk about peace, Israel shows a very strange behavior.
Million of Palestinians rushed to the streets in the West Bank, Gaza and overseas mourning the death of their President Yasser Arafat. “Yasser Arafat is the Palestinian Nation, and the Palestinian Nation are Yasser Arafat”, said all Palestinians.

All Palestinians hold Israel responsible for the crime of Arafat's death by poisoning. The current PA is trying to cover up the cause of our Presidents death because they took part in this crime, they wanted to replace Arafat. The corrupt foreign minister Nabil Shaath should be the last one to speak about Arafat's death. He is a liar who repeats what the U.S and Israel want him to say. This is known by all Palestinians.

Khaled Mishal survived a poisoning attempt by the Israeli Mossad in Jordan.

Khaled Mishal, a political leader of Hamas, stated “I hold Israel responsible for the murder of Arafat. All reports by doctors in the last two weeks indicate that President Arafat was poisoned. French and Arab doctors were not able to find proof or evidence in my blood when I was poisoned by Israel's Mossad in Jordan. Israel was forced to bring an antidote after two of it's agents were held in Jordan”.

According to Al-Haqaeq (link in Arabic), Arafat's personal doctor of about 20 years, Dr. Ashraf Al-Kurdi, a former Jordanian Health Minister, exhorted the Palestinian Nation to ask about the causes for the illness of Arafat, and the examinations made in France. Dr. Al-Kurdi examined Arafat in the Muqata after he complained of sickness feelings. He told Arafat that he would treatment which was not available at the Muqata meaning that he suspected poisoning, and soon after he was denied access to Arafat by Arafat's entourage at the PA. Suha then brought in her own doctors from Egypt and Tunis. Soon after, Arafat was flown to Paris.

1995 - Picture with Arafat in the Sarayah in Gaza (Pic Credit: Official PA Photo)

The open questions are:

When will the PA come clear that President Arafat was poisoned ?
What was the price for buying the silence of the current PA about the poisoning of Arafat ?
Is the PA silence a temporary or a permanent one?
Will the PA start a real investigation into the poisoning of Arafat ?
Will the PA investigate the role of Mr. Nabil Abu-Rudeinah in this crime ?
Was the poisoning of Arafat discussed between Israel and other Arab countries ?
What is the next step in the political scene after the burial of Arafat?

The Palestinian nation has the right to know the cause of Arafat's death. This should not be a secret, Arafat is the nation and the nation is Arafat. The PA should honestly say what caused Arafat's death, without political considerations.

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Picture Credits: Various Palestinian Newspapers, other web sources.