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November 7, 2004

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 UPDATE 08.11.2004

1999 - Arafat during a visit to Hebron with Nabil Abu Rudeineh and an emissary from the EU (Pic: Kawther Salam)

“Arafat is not privileged"
Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister, repeatedly during talks about killing and deporting Arafat.

“Killing Arafat is an open choice for us"
"The Israeli Minister-President for Political and Security affairs made a tentative decision to remove Arafat as an obstacle to peace.”

Ehud Olmert, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister
(link in Arabic)

“We will choose the right way and the right time to kill Arafat”
Shaul Mofaz, Israeli Defence Minister

“We Should kill Arafat softly"
"The only way to achieve the peace process is deporting Arafat."
“We must kill him softly and throw him out from the PA Presidential palace, we must find an alternative leadership. I'm sure Mohamed Dahlan is qualified for this mission”
Moshe Ya'alon, ITF Chief of Staff
(link in Arabic)

(Note: All these quotes and more are matter of record and can be found in various media archives)

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in all probability discussed the killing of President Arafat with U.S President George Bush during his last visit to the White House. Israel has continuously accused Arafat of promoting violence and terror and has sought to isolate him in his half-ruined Ramallah headquarters since December 2001. Israeli government officials have often threatened to kill Arafat in the past. All the while, Israel never once offered any conclusive evidence to sustain their accusations against Arafat.

In the end President Arafat was slowly and fatally poisoned by Israel in his isolated headquarters in Ramallah. The Israeli collaborators who
officially work in the PA and Arafat's office poisoned his food slowly, caused him serious problems in his blood platelets, a case which lead to continuous coma.

The Jordanian personal doctor of Arafat, Ashraf Kurdi said: “All the symptoms of Arafat's sickness confirm that he was poisoned, sometimes he would awaken when the influence of the poison vanished from his blood." The spokesperson of military hospital in Paris said that the wife of the President Arafat, Suha, asked them to keep secrecy regarding her husbands situation and sickness.

Suha. Arafats "widow", now swimming in stolen PA money

Why did Madam Suha ask for that? The Palestinians suspect the secrecy which Suha imposed around Arafats sickness as this secrecy  serves the interests of Israel, who poisoned Arafat in the first place, and not the Palestinian national interests. Suha fled to Paris during the Intifada. She did not honestly stay in the company President Arafat even though she was his wife. This has been matter of much talking among the majority of the Palestinians. We didn't like Suha, her marriage with our President Arafat was seen as a big mistake by everybody. In hindisght this appreciation was correct. At the first sign of trouble she ran to Paris where she led a more than luxurious lifestyle with PA money from Palestinian taxes and international sources.

Mohammed Dahlan. Death squad leader from Gaza in the service of the CIA.

The corrupt “ugly businessman” Mohammed Rashid, Palestinian Minister for Civil affairs and suspected collaborator Jamil al-Tarifi, and the Israeli–CIA representative Mohammed Dahlan all accompanied Suha and President Arafat to Paris. This increased an already high level of anger in the West Bank and Gaza. None of them are honest, they are all suspected of machinating the end Arafat behind the scenes. Suha fled to Paris taking her child Zahwa and leaving her husband Yassir Arafat behind, at the beginning of Al-Aqsa Intifada. This caused lots of criticism on President Arafat, who continued transferring big sums of Palestinian money so she could keep her lavish lifestyle in Paris.

Mohammed Rashid. Thief and Israeli collaborator.

At the beginning of this year the Palestinian Parliament members asked for investigation 9 millions dollars which had been transferred to Suha. The money had been transferred first to a PA bank account in Switzerland and from there to Madam Suha's account in a Paris Bank. The Palestinian Parliament President Rafiq Al-Natsheh was fired from his post as
President of the Parliament because he asked for an investigation into the matter.

Rafiq Al-Natsheh, former President of the Palestinian Parliament

Khaled Salam is well known as the most corrupt in the PA. He is an “asset” of the Israeli Mossad and the American CIA, and furthers the dirty business of these organizations in the Palestinian territories. He controls the PA budget under a veil of secrecy, having parked  Palestinian Authority moneys in overseas accounts under his name. The Palestinian Minister for Civil Affairs, Jamil al-Tarifi, is another corrupt operator and well known collaborator, so much so that he is known as "the right arm of Israel” among Palestinians.

Jamil Tarifi, Minister and Israeli collaborator

Palestinians take the slow poisoning of Arafat very seriously, and many are asking for the execution of these well-known Israeli collaborators inside the PA. Many Palestinians also refuse to acknowledge any new Israeli-CIA installed “leadership” of corrupt operators in the next future. This is a new situation brought as a consequence of the murder of Arafat.

Arafat is in all probability dead since last Wednesday, and while the bickering around the future of Palestinian "leadership" goes on, the corpse will be transferred to Egypt, from where transport to Gaza will be easiest. Israel has already said that they do not want to have Arafat buried in Jerusalem, and Suha has helped them implement their plan by first bringing Arafat to die far from home in Paris.

Given the many sordid characters named in connection with Arafat's "illness" and the interests involved, the logic conclusion to be drawn is that, through proxy or otherwise, Israel Poisoned Arafat.


A reader of LibertyForum posted an interesting link to the Jerusalem Post. A short quote:
"Arafat suffers symptoms similar to those of former PFLP military leader Wadi'a Hadad"
"Hadad was poisoned in the late 1970s by a close aide who was allegedly recruited by the Mossad, the adviser said, although the official reason for his death was cancer."
"It took Hadad eight weeks to die... he also entered a coma", he said, "Unless they find an antidote, Arafat will die"

According to DerStandard (link in German) Michael Barnier, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, has found it necessary to go public and deny "any signs of poisoning". Denials of this kind can normally be taken as a sign that major political fallout is feared ahead.

The Arab edition Yediot Aharonot is running an article stating that the matter of Arafat having been poisoned has caused a row in the Knesset. Specifically, MK Isam Mahoul stated that he "couldn't deny that Israel had administered poison to Arafat and caused him a fatal poisoning". According to the article, Mr. Mahoul also stated that he wouldn't put it beyond the government to poison Arafat, as they had a long record of poisoning their political opponents. He mentioned the case of Khaled Mishal (link in Arabic)
as an example.

A reader from England has written to say that in the UK Television it is being reported that Arafat has been poisoned. Various other readers from the US and UK have written to say they are very upset about this.

The San Francisco Gate has written an article with information about Suha and the finances of the PA.

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(Picture Credits: Various Palestinian and Arab Newspapers)