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November 4, 2004

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Hebron, 2002 - Protesting the Brutality and Antisemitism of the Israeli Soldiers

Update 2006.Dec.06


“ITF” means Israeli Terrorism Forces

The Palestinians are a SEMITIC nation, like all other Arab nations. Palestinians are Semitic people just like the Jews. The Torah, the Bible and the Koran confirm that. The Arabs are called “Al-Sameyyoon” (Arabic for "Semites") in reference to “Shem ben Noah” (Arabic for "Shem, son of Noah") who is mentioned in the Torah.

“In a religious context, it refers to the religions associated with the speakers of these languages: thus Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are often described as "Semitic religions". This term can equally include the polytheistic religions (such as the cults of Tammuz or Baal) that flourished in the Middle East before the Semitic religions.”

I wish I could present Israel as a Semitic State, I wish I could change the sick nature of the Israeli soldiers, the fascism and the sadism imbued in them. I wish I could teach ethics and humanism to those who have lost their moral compass and their humanity.

The Israeli soldiers say “All the Muslims are malignant, indecent, and we should punish them” (???)

 Palestinian Schoolgirls stopped at a checkpoint near Hebron in better times.

The Israeli soldier Mikael Merolofski asked journalists during a meeting in Jerusalem “Why are you are making the things so big and disturb us? We didn't do anything, we just forced two Palestinians to drink urine, one colleague beat a Palestinian, and the second colleague beat the other one. We just decided to do that ...” Does Israel think that the people should drink their URINE instead of the fresh juice, and that the WORLD should be marketing it ?

What would happen if a crazy man forced an Israeli to open his mouth, and then poured urine in ? In this case, the White House, and President George Bush would of course not keep silence. They would say this is ANTI-SEMITISM. Probably they would declare the Third World War against the anti-Semites, and they would have a pretext to occupy Iran and Syria. The Israeli soldiers said “Our commander recommended us to revenge on the Palestinians. They showed us the film about the killing of two Israeli soldiers and how they were thrown them from the first floor in Ramallah. This was before they sent us to serve in the West Bank”.

 This old man from Gaza lost everything during the last Israeli rampage. (Pic Credit: Palestinian Newspapers)

Firas Al-Bakri of age 21 and Samih Rahal of age 24 were the victims of the Israeli soldiers on  September 11, 2004. The soldiers took the two Palestinians to a deserted Hotel in the Southern part of Jerusalem, then they tortured them. The soldiers ordered the Palestinians to strip and to shower with soap but without water in a place full of urine and shit. They beat their victims and forced them to beat each other. The ITF soldiers burned out their cigarettes on the victims bodies, then each two soldiers held one victim, forced them to open their mouth and to close their eyes. Then the other soldiers urinated in his mouth and forced him to drink. The soldiers threw the victims IDs into a hole full of urine and shit, they ordered them to crawl on their abdomen and to pick their IDs with their mouthes. The soldiers were spitting at the victims all the time, they beat them with the butt of their rifles, all the while cursing Arabs, Muslims and  Palestinians in a disgusting way, following their commanders advices.

The ITF soldiers put an end to their sadistic scene as they ordered their victims, under threat of shooting, to jump from the first floor of the Hotel. They caused the victims injuries and several break. What would you say about that ? What would you do? This is FASCISM, SADISM, TERRORISM, and it is ANTI-SEMITIC.

A Mother and her remaining daughter mourn for daughter Louai, who was shot in Gaza by the ITF.
Does Louai look like a terrorist ? (Pic Credit: Palestinian Newspapers)

In 2000 I protested against the ANTI-SEMITIC behaviour of the Israeli soldiers and the settlers in Hebron. The soldiers were torturing the kids, they forced youths to drink their urine, they smeared the faces of Palestinian with shit at checkpoints, they mixed their urine in my drinking water. The settlers spread bottles full of urine on me in front of the Hebron Military Commender and Police. This ANTI-SEMITIC behaviour should be ended. The President of the U.S George Bush signed a Law against ANTI-SEMITISM. This should be a good chance for the Palestinians to bring the American Jewish settlers and Israel to the International Court of Justice.

Imran Abu Hamdeieh, 17 years old, was a victim of the Israeli soldiers in Hebron. Four ITF soldiers caught this Palestinian minor, Imran as he was standing in front of his house. The situation was very quite, no clashes, no violence, no actions in Area H2 of Hebron, where the Israelis have full security control. The soldiers beat Imran in a corner near his house. Then they took him to their military Jeep and continued beating him. The soldiers drove off at very high speed on road 60 and threw Imran out of the Jeep. His head exploded on the road, his brains spread everywhere. One of the terrorist soldiers filmed these horrible scenes with his video camera.

What would you say if this happened to your child? This is FASCISM, SADISM, TERRORISM, and ANTI-SEMITIC.

This Palestinian at a checkpoint near Hebron was lucky. The soldiers did not force him to commit disgusting acts with his horses.

In the southern part of Hebron, the Israeli ITF soldiers caught a Palestinian shepherd on the top of a hill. They checked his ID, then they kicked and tortured him, they ... There were no eyewitness to the ITF crimes except the sheep, goats and a donkey. The ITF soldiers, these “nice civilized soldiers” ordered the Palestinian man to bring his donkey. They were happy to see the donkey. They recited many flirtatious poems which insult Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, they ordered the poor man to repeat these insults and to strip, they threatened to shoot him if he disobeying their MILITARY ORDER. “ORDER is ORDER” under the Israeli Military Law. The poor man stripped. The second “MILITARY ORDER” was for the man to FUCK the DONKEY. “I couldn't refuse, the soldiers were ready to shoot on me, so I FUCKED the DONKEY. I disgusted of that, the soldiers were spitting and cursing me all the time.” The poor man said.

What would you say if this happened to you? What would you do?  This is SADISM, and ANTI-SEMITIC.

Palestinians have to wait for days even when the police tells them to come.

The Israeli Police Station doors were always closed for Palestinians. This was true even during the peace time. In exceptional cases, the Israeli police opened the door for me to file complaints against the Israeli soldiers and the settlers. My Jewish lawyer was making pressure on the Israeli Police Investigation Unit.

As a journalist I had good friendship with the Israeli Police Commanders in Hebron. I used my journalistic work to help the poor people to reach the Police Station, to file complaints against the violations of their rights, the damages made by the settlers and the soldiers on their property. I also wrote about the Police problems. The settlers attacked Policemen when they opened investigations against them. The settlers used their relationship with the extremist members in the Knesset to fire the Police Investigators. They fired the Police Commander, Colonel Ish Yameni “Bono” from the Police Station in Hebron. They spit at the new Police Commander, Colonel Ephraim Arditi, and cut the wheels of his car before disposing of him as well.

In the eyes of the settlers the role of Israels Antisemitic Police is to pray
and kill Palestinian Semites if they want to keep their job.

At the same time, while the Israeli Police treated me as an exceptional case in Hebron, the Court of Justice did not charge the settlers and the soldiers. I filed over 300 criminal complaints between 1997-2001, they were ignored without exception. At the same time thousands of Palestinians were denied the right to file official complaints, the main door of the Police Station was always closed to them.

Furthermore, I found out during my investigations that, of the few complaints which they allowed, the Israeli Police investigators routinely threw away the most serious complaints made by Palestinians against the settlers and the soldiers. The Police was not registering these complaints in the computer list. This means that the number of Palestinian complaints declared by the Police Unit in their statistics was not correct. During the Intifada the Human Rights organizations helped some Palestinians to file complaints against the Anti-Semitic behaviour of the ITF soldiers. Over 360 complaints against the ITF soldiers were filed between  January 2003 to June 2003. The Israeli Court indicted 44 soldiers of charges brought against them only under the pressure of International Human Rights organizations and some Israeli lawyers.

 2000 - A Palestinian Couple with Child stopped at a checkpoint near Hebron. A TIPH Observer is also present.
Abuse of Palestinians at checkpoints is rampant, a "soldiers sport" which is encouraged by Israeli army officers.

The State of Israel was forced to investigate some cases in front of the public. These investigations were held just for the interest of Israeli propaganda. The Israeli court held a nominal trial. The soldiers who killed Palestinians were sentenced to a couple of weeks. In some cases they just sent the soldiers away with a warning. There were no real trials or punishment on  the Israeli soldiers who were involved in wrongful killings of Palestinians. The soldiers did not go to jail, they still enjoy full freedom. This “State of Law” considers these terrorist crimes as a minor “mistakes”, not as the terrorist crimes they are. On the other hand, the Israeli State sentenced Palestinians who killed a Jewish settler to 25 years of jail or life.
The Israel propaganda passed the news of the show trials of Israeli soldiers to Human Rights Organizations, to the U.S Government, the European Union, etc. as a big achievement. Actually, this is Israels strategy of misleading and silencing the world, it is the policy of Israel since 1967. The very strong Israeli propaganda teaches everybody that Israel can do whatever they want, that they are always right and strong, and that everybody else, especially those who criticize Israel are always “anti-semites”, terrorists and wrong.

Where is the Law, the Justice and the Human Rights?

 A Palestinian woman in Gaza salvaging some belongings after her house is razed during the last Israeli rampage.
(Pic Credit: Palestinian Newspapers)

The Palestinian prisoner Halah Jaber who was detained in a “uni” cell in the Petah Tikva  jail, told her lawyer Samir Al-Nemri that she had been abused sexually by Israeli interrogators during the interrogation sessions. She said the interrogators forced her to make confessions which would confirm the trumped up charges they brought against her. Halah Jaber said that she would give further information about her ordeal before a female lawyer. She asked the human rights organizations for quick intervention and investigation of her case as a violation of prisoners rights. The Israeli jail administration did not allow lawyers to visit prisoner Halah since she was arrested on 16 September 2004. She is tortured 24 hours and denied the right to sleep or to take her medicine. She suffers of Rheumatism and Ulcera.

Halah graduated from Al-Najah University in Nablus. The Israeli occupation arrested her after they demolished Jenin refugee camp. Her brother was killed buried under the pile of rubble her house was converted into, she was the only one there to take out her brothers body. Many Palestinian houses were destroyed by Israeli Terrorist Forces in Jenin 2002 for no reason. Halah was released from Al-Ramleh jail after 14 months. The Israeli occupation arrested her for a second time and continue abusing her sexually in jail.

Where is International agreement on Treatment of prisoners? What would you say if this happen to your daughter? This is sexual harassment, ANTI-SEMITISM.

Today, the ITF troops shot and killed 8-year-old Rania Iyad Aram, a Palestinian girl who was on her way to school in a Gaza Strip refugee camp. The girl was killed by random machinegun fire from an army outpost near the neighbouring settlement of Ganei Tal. There were other two girls Gader Abu Mekhemer and Ragda Al-Assar, killed by the ITF soldiers in classrooms of the UNRWA school of Khan Younis during this month. Yet another young girl of 13 years, Iman Al-Hmas, was shot and killed with over 20 bullets on October 5th while she was going to school in Khan Younis. 

 The Apartheid wall, ultimate witness to Israels Antisemitism (Pic Credit: Palestinian Newspapers)

Update 2006.Dec.06

A reader from the USA submitted the following clarification regarding the common use of the term 'anti-semitism'.

by JohnHawk

Let me clarify for the world what the term 'semite' or 'semitic', as a noun or as an adjective, refers to:
A 'semite' is one who is descended from a 'semite' tribe of the whole entire Arabian Peninsula. A 'semite' speaks one or all of the 'semitic' languages: Aramaic, Hebraic, and Arabic. Most probably these languages descended from Sumeria. 'Semitic' is an adjective that, when used properly, refers to those who speak one of the languages of the 'semites'. It is a linquistic and cutural/tribal characterization, not religious or political.
'Anti-semitic' is a perjorative word being used to slander and smear individuals who criticize something Hebraic. This is a false accusation. Hebrews who hate Arabs would then also be 'anti-semites'. It is time to shut the 'anti-semite baiters' up. 
Furthermore, most of the citizens of the State of Israel are Khazarian in ancestry, which is NOT 'semitic', but Euroasian. When I studied Hebrew and Arabic, I did not become a 'semite'; I simply learned a 'semitic' language. When one becomes a Buddhist, he does not become a Tibetan.

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