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  ..: An Illustration of Terrorism Made in Israel :..
October 24, 2004

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A dead 10-year old girl, one of many victims of the recent ITF strikes on Gaza (Source: Palestinian Newspapers).

“ITF” means Israeli Terrorism Forces
"Hoker Tsahal" means "The army, ITF, military ... are investigating"
"Dover Tsahal" is the ITF spokesperson

“Israel has the right to defend and to protect itself” is one of the empty phrases which Americans constantly repeat. What they really mean each time when they repeat this phrase is that they have abandoned all attempts to conceal the fact that they have become but a satrapy of Israel, and that they can do nothing to deny Israel the "right" to occupy the West Bank and Gaza, the right to "protect" the settlers and ITF occupation and the continued violations of human rights. Israel has the right to kill, to steal, to arrest, to demolish ... to do just anything.

Recently, the US Administration vetoed an Arab
resolution proposed at the UN Security Council, which simply called on Israel to halt its current offensive and withdraw its troops from Gaza. The US vetoed the draft resolution because of its ‘unbalanced’ terminology, which only called on Israel to take action excluding the Palestinian side. The U.S Veto, which 'balances' the interests of the occupying power of the Israeli ITF against those of a defenseless civilian population, was used to bless the ITF murder of 31 Palestinian children as revenge for the killing of one Israeli infant.

This is what Israel calls "protecting itself", crimes like this is what those who "support Israel" are actually supporting. How would you feel if your neighborhood was converted into this over night ? (Pic Source: Palestinian Newspapers).

According to the International law, everybody has the right to defend himself and his own country from agression, but nobody has the right to protect himself by occupying other people's countries and homelands. The occupation is not legitimate, the ITF operations in Gaza and the West Bank are not legitimate,  and even the U.S is saying that it is not legitimate. It is a violation of the International law. A violation of the Human rights. It is Terrorism.

The growing list of the Palestinian victims during what the occupational State calls “Day of Penitence” in Gaza is not related to Israeli protection and self defense . It is overt terrorism, a war crime, a barbaric disaster and collective destruction. More than 150 Palestinians have died, including 31 children. Over 750 were injured, among them 130 children. Most of the children among the victims were wearing school uniforms and carrying their schoolbags.

Is this terrorist "protecting Israel" or is he just bullying an old man into posing for that cool trophy shot to send home ? You decide. But, how would you feel if the old man was your grandfather ? (Pic Source: Palestinian Newspapers)

The “ITF”, Israeli Terrorism Forces, killed in two separate crimes two young girls, Raghda Al-Assar and Gader Abu Mekhemer. Both of them were sitting in the classrooms of the United Nation school in Khan Younis when the ITF snipers shot the young girls in front of their classmates and their teacher. The blood covered the class and the books. The surviving girls were screaming and shouting in terror.

Gader Abu Mekhemer, a 10-year old Palestinian girl, was shot in the stomach by the ITF. She was shot while inside a classroom of the United Nation school in Khan Younis were Raghda Al-Assar had been killed before her. The child died in the hospital on the second day after having been shot.

Gader Abu Mekhemer from Gaza, aged 10, murdered by Israeli terrorists. If you "support Israel", you are supporting terrorism, the indiscriminate murder of children, and other unsavory activities. Imagine this was your daughter or your sister. Would you still "support Israel" ? (Pic Source: Palestinian Newspapers)

The barbaric behaviour of the ITF changed the life of these innocent girls into a nightmare. They can't forget the horrible scene made by the occupational State of Israel. The ITF learns the Palestinian kids the violence and the terror, the children observe the barbaric crimes of the ITF soldiers day after day, and they learn what they see, namely hate, violence and terror. If they act like the ITF soldiers in the close future, it will be a normal reaction of these young children to what they see and learn.

Raghda Al-Assar, 10 years old, was shot in the head while she was sitting in the class room listening to English lessons during the early morning of a sunny day.

This is Raghda Al-Assar, from Rafah in Gaza. Raghda is dead. In the picture her mother is mourning her during her funeral. Raghda was murdered by an Israeli terrorist while attending school. How would you feel if your daughter or sister was murdered like this ? This murder and many more like this one were made possible because your government and your politicians "support" Israel. (Pic Source: Palestinian Newspapers)

The ITF always kills, shoots, demolishes, arrests,  tortures, damages Palestinian property, mixes their food with garbage, steals, insults and forces people to drink their urine ... then "Dover Tsahal" says "Hoker Tsahal". All the journalists have to wait for "Dover Tsahal” and hear the “Hoker Tsahal" response to any complaints. Those are the ITF spokesperson and his ITF investigation, which is usually based on rumours and lies. I was an eyewitnesses of shooting on innocent kids by the ITF  in Hebron, then the Dover Tsahal told me that the children were throwing bombs and stones at the military posts, something which I didn't see during the event. The Dover Tsahal and the Hoker Tsahal duties is to justify the killing of Palestinians and the violation of the civilian rights. In all the cases, the ITF spokesperson claimed that the soldiers were innocent victims of their victims, that their life was in danger, that they were but protecting themselves.

This is how Israel "protects itself", by indiscriminately destroying Palestinian property. If everything you own was reduced to a pile of rubble over night, would you feel good ? (Pic Source:AFP)

All the journalist and the public opinion must wait for the ITF “Hoker Tsahal”. Everybody should hear the lies of these military thugs. The Israeli soldiers are allowed to shoot, to kill the Palestinian children, to torture the civilians, to demolish houses ... while the ITF spokesperson is always ready to give an excuse for these acts. In the rosy world of the Hoker Tsahal the ITF soldiers are always innocent people, they are protecting themselves from the Palestinian terrorists, sometimes they make mistakes. These mistakes are nothing, they just cause death for  hundreds of innocents  children, thousands of people, these were just “MISTAKES”, the world should believe that, the  “Dover Tsahal” and the “Hoker Tsahal” said that: “It was a MISTAKE” during the normal self protection, during the war against the terrorism. 815 children were killed by the “ITF MISTAKES”. This is just a new lie spread by the barbaric occupational government to cover their inhuman  crimes. The logic says that a person or the ITF make a mistake one time, twice, three or four times. But not 815 times. These are crimes committed on purpose under the blessing of the U.S. This is terrorism pure and simple, these are crimes against humanity.

The terrorists always give an approval for killing the children and the civilians, the terrorists always hide themselves in the ambulance, in the kids schools, the children always carry explosives and  bombs in their school bags ..., they are terrorists and the ITF should protect themselves from these terrorists, the ITF soldiers from three military posts shot at a 13 years old girl Iman Al-Alhamas who was wearing school dress and carrying her bag on her way to the school because they   "suspected" her as a terrorist supposedly carrying a bag of explosives and wearing an explosive belt.

This sham suspicion of these “innocent” soldiers was enough reason to kill the child, for their commander to go and shoot two more bullets to be sure that she was dead, and then to head back to the dead child and empty the clip of his rifle, over 20 bullets, into her body. This all was done just to be sure that the enemy was dead. Then the ITF opened fire in the direction of Rafah, shooting and injuring other innocent civilians, This was also “protection”. Sometimes I saw the ITF soldiers shooting when a cat ran in the street while they did not recognize it. All the military posts would shoot when they hear one post shooting. These are the military orders of the occupation. This is terrorism.

A boy in Rafah sitting on what remains of his house. Rafah has been bombed and bulldozed into the stone age with American and European support. Would American and European children enjoy playing in the rubble of their home city ? (Pic Source: Palestinian Newspapers)

The ITF considers all the moving people and things as terrorists, The houses should demolished because the terrorists are using them, the agricultural land should be levelled because the terrorists will hide there, the children should be killed because they will grow up and become a terrorists, the women should be killed because they are the mothers of terrorists, the girls should die because they will marry and bring terrorists. All Palestinians are terrorists, and Israelis have the right to protect themselves from these terrorists. They have the right to continue occupying our cities and protecting themselves from us, because we are terrorists, we don't like the occupation. The problem is that the world has become so crazy as to believe that the occupation is protecting the Jewish State from the Palestinian terrorists, and Israel has the right to defend their own homeland and citizen according to the U.S.

Recently, the ITF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon said that a UNRWA stretcher was a Qassam missile. This was enough reason to shoot at the ambulance worker, four health workers were injured during the "Day of Penitence" operations in Gaza. I heard that the ITF soldiers now call the young kids "young terrorists" to justify killing and torturing them. The ITF soldiers described their way of killing the Palestinian kids, their happiness after the barbaric event. They put marks on their machine guns to shows the numbers of Palestinian people they have killed. This gives them a victorious feeling and more status in Israel. They are proud of what they are doing. They kill somebody and they are rewarded with one week of vacations.

The product of your government supporting Israel: yet another baby shot dead in Gaza by Israeli terrorists. The "accident" in which this baby was murdered happened in 2001 and this picture is widely known on the Internet, yet, no politician of a western country will stop mindlessly adulating Israel. Why ? Have they been subborned or are they subject to extorsion ?

In 2001 the killing of a paralysed Jewish child in Hebron, Shelhevet Pas, brought disaster for the Hebronite people. The father of Shelhevet is not only an American terrorist squatter and member of the secret jewish underground movement, but also a member of the Kach terror organization and involved in murders of Palestinians. 29 shops were destroyed in Al-Shalaleh Street, a strict curfew was imposed on the city and 20 Palestinian were shot, and the killing of a Jewish settler child from the "Shedarot" settlement near Gaza brought collective massacres for the Palestinians. 150 were killed, including 31 children, and over 450 were injured. Tens of houses were demolished.  Where is the balance ??? Where is the Enforcement of International Justice, the respect for Human Rights to stop these massacres ???

815 Palestinian children and infants were killed, 2500 children under the age of 14 years were arrested, 391 are still in jail. 83% of the arrested were students, 77% were arrested during house to house search operations. One of the arrested children was sentenced to life in the jail, three of the arrested children were sentenced to 15 years in jail, and four were sentenced to between 5 and 9 years in jail. The others were sentenced to between 18 and 60 month and to pay fines between 1000 and 6000 Shekel. The Israeli judges who sentenced these children are not breaking International laws in dealing with children prisoners, they do even circumvent the harsh military articles of 1967 which were made by the generals of the occupation to deal with these matters. These children are mixed with criminals prisoners some of them were raped, their private things were stolen, they were all tortured like the other prisoners of Israel.

Teenagers collecting body parts in Jabalya Camp in Gaza after a terrorist attack, another "accident" in the diction of Dover Tsahal. How would you feel if this scene took place in front of your home ? (Pic Source: EI )

The number of homeless families and bulldozed agricultural land are constantly increasing, hundreds of dunums of agricultural land have been levelled. Over 2500 Palestinian houses in occupied Gaza were demolished in Rafah and on the border of Egypt at the southern part of Gaza. Furthermore, the ITF soldiers steal the Palestinian gold, silver, money and other belongings when they enter their houses. This is the normal behaviour of the ITF soldiers not only in Gaza, but also in Hebron, and the West Bank.

The Israeli soldiers take a “tax” of  30 Shekel from Palestinians who cross between the southern villages near Hebron on the only way between over 10 villages. They torture the people who don't pay them the money and deny them the right to return home.

A "lucky" Palestinian. The terrorists probably woke him up before bulldozing his house. See how the Israeli terrorist caresses his face ? This means that the man will probably be gang-raped at the nearest ITF outpost before "suffering an accident". Would you smile if you knew that your future consisted solely of being raped and murdered ? (Pic Source: Palestinian Newspapers)

The barbaric and inhuman behaviour of the ITF, the killing of the children, the high percentage of homeless people caused by them, their barbarism and terrorism committed in the name of Israel against a defenceless population in Gaza and the West Bank has thrown Jewish communities outside of Israel into disrepute, if not into outright danger. Because of their ongoing rampage of crime against Palestinians, Israel and Jews everywhere have few friends left apart from those who they can either pay off or coerce.

The symptoms, the results of what the terrorist actions of the ITF  have brought on Jews everywhere are clear in sight. Jewish schools, businesses, organizations, communities, Israeli embassies, ... are all  surrounded by heavy and excessive security everywhere in the world. Most of these security measures are paid for by governments of the countries where they live, at a high price to the taxpayers of these countries. These excessive security measures are not only expensive to the various host countries, but they also dry up scarce resources which could be better used give much needed protection to other sites or to prevent crime. These excessive security measures would not be necessary if Israel desisted from their campaign of genocide against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

Palestinian kids collecting body parts near a puddle of blood after an Israeli terrorist attack in Gaza. Do your kids collect body parts on the street instead of attending school ? If not, why do your politicians still "support Israel" ? (Pic Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah)

The shame is that while Israel continues to seek and involve other countries into supporting their own security and protection, these other countries are, by giving Israel protection, indirectly supporting and financing Israel in killing another nation, Palestine. It is a shame on these countries to accept the non-logical demands of Israel and continue supporting the occupation, the violation of the human rights. The solution is very simple: “STOP THE OCCUPATION”. This is the moral responsibility of all nations, to protect the Jews and the Palestinians, the only solution which may bring peace for everybody in the world.

The International community should protect values like humanity, justice, and human rights, and not the U.S. and corrupting Israel. The statistic of terrorist actions counted 21 before  the 11th Sept. 2001. After the U.S occupied Iraq the statistic of terrorist actions increased sharply to thousands thousands of terrorist actions.

Two Palestinian girls doing homework in Gaza. The destruction of their school was payed for with your taxes. How would you feel if the school your children attend was a heap of rubble like the one in this picture ? (Pic Source: Palestinian Newsapers)

Urgent questions which need to be answered:
* Is Sharon creating a disaster for the Jews of the world with his continued crimes ?
* To whom will the State of Israel bring a new Holocaust: to the innocent Palestinians, or to the innocent Jews ?
* Will the other nations of the world continue to be mute and paralysed before the crimes of Israel against Palestinians, or will they intervene before the world turns against Jews and a new Holocaust breaks out ?

Please stop the killing ! Please urge your government to stop supporting Israel ! Your country and the world deserve better than the "friendship" of terrorists. (Pic Source: Palestinian Newsapers)

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