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October 19, 2004

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A reader from Milton Keynes in England sent me this Email (posted with permission):

Hello Kawther,

I read with interest your article about Patagonia, and the jews buying land there. I live in Milton Keynes, England,a new city about 50 miles from London, I fear we have the same thing about to happen here.
In our local press recently I read a "massive new jewish settlement is being planned" for Milton Keynes "so that jews can live in segregated housing estates next door to only other jews".
The group of jews want to buy up a huge chunk of Milton Keynes,to build a jewish settlement,so jews can escape the pressures of multi cultral Britain,i have heard we are talking about a group of over 300 hundred families here,i can sense another repeat of what happened to you in your beloved homeland here.
I just thought this may be of interest to you.

A search through Google confirms the information from my reader. According to the articles from the British media found through Google, it looks like the project will go forward despite serious criticism and opposition from the community affected. According to reports from the British local media, an agency of the British Government and the City Council of Milton Keynes are in secret talks with a jewish sect to sell them a whole town block so that up to 300 jewish families can build a jews-only settlement in order to keep apart from undeserving non-jews. It is reassuring to see that, unlike Palestinians, the English people are not yet simply shot and bulldozed off their property to make way for more deserving jewish colonizers.

Making way for jewish squatters in Gaza (Pic Credit: Al Hayat Al Jadidah)

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