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August 23, 2004

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  Hayalim, Hayalim !
  Kama yaladim haragta hayom ?

What would happen if Arab soldiers occupied the rooftop of an Israeli or an American family ? What would happen if they mixed the drinking water of this family with their urine, or spread their feces on the hanged clothes and other property of this family, or across their faces ?

Who will compensate me and all the other Palestinian people for all the damage done by the IDF soldiers in our hour houses ? Who will compensate us for the trauma caused by these “civilized” Israeli soldiers ? Who will redress all the families for their relatives lost to gratuitious murder by the IDF and the american jewish squatters in our land ?

What would be the sentence by law, in any of the civilized countries of the world who support Israel, for the sick behavior of the IDF in my house and in the houses of many Palestinian families, during the peace time and before the Intifada broke out ?

In Hebron, there were hundreds of Palestinian houses occupied by the IDF soldiers when I left in 2002. After the second Intifada broke out, the IDF soldiers occupied most of the houses of the old city of Hebron, where 400 american jewish squatters live. A continuing crime against humanity made and supported by the IDF soldiers squatting in these houses.

The Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot published on the 19 June 2004 states that the Police in Seoul shot Mr. Sol Sovat of 23 years, the son of a governor, and his friend Mawver Salvaz, 31, because they were urinating on the street. Both of them were drunk and they thought themselves at home and urinating in their toilet, but the police shot them as this behavior is forbidden in Korea.

What would happen if everybody sent bottles full of rotting urine to the office of the IDF spokesperson ? Would Brigadier General Ruth Yaron appreciate such donations ? If you want to know what Brigadier Yaron thinks of all these questions, of her soldiers urinating and defecating in the water tanks of Palestinian families or smearing the belongings of these families with their waste "just for fun", you might as well write or call her and ask. Perhaps Brigadier General Yaron wants to explain to you why American taxpayers should continue paying her salary while her soldiers are high on drugs abusing and murdering Palestinians all over Gaza and the West Bank.

You may also want to ask Brigadier General Yaron why the IDF enrolls obvious mental cases, or how else can somebody be called who smears shit on the faces of prisoners or who shoots or kills a person "just for fun" as seen in the videoclip below ? Please ask her why these people do not receive psychiatric treatment, or why they are not put in jail ? They are a danger not only to Palestinians, but to the Israeli society as well, and if these persons go to the USA as many israelis do, there is no assurance they will not resort to murder or extreme violence to settle disputes. Last but not least, you may ask Brigadier General Yaron if it is the policy of the IDF to give bullshit answers to criminal complaints, as seen in these statements:
Letter 1    Letter 2    Letter 3    Letter 4   (all in Hebrew).

Please stay calm, polite and focused on the issue at all times if you call or write. If asked, you may mention this webpage as the source of your information. If you receive an answer from her office, I would be interested in knowing what they say. Here is her address, phone and fax number:

Brigadier General Ruth Yaron
Office of the IDF Spokesperson
Phone: +972-(0)2-530-5477 or 530-5356 (Central Command)
Phone: +972-(0)2-624-5789 or 624-5268 (Beit Agaron)
Fax: +972-(0)3-608-0343 (Tel Aviv)
Military Post 01025, IDF

(Click on the images to view or download the videoclips)

Al-Jaabari man shot in the leg
2.7MB 3 Min 1 Sec .wmv file
Clip shot 2001 at the beginning of the Intifada. A man from the Al-Jaabari family in Hebron is shot in the leg by an IDF soldier at point blank range. This Al-Jaabari man was well known in Hebron to Palestinians, settlers and the IDF as a mentally infirm and inoffensive alcoholic. The man in the film was first talking with a soldier, as seen in the first short scene. I continued, and after a while somebody paged me to say that somebody had been shot in the area. What happened is that the soldier sent this man away after he tired of him, and shot him in the leg from behind from about 5 meters. The shooting was meant as a "joke" by the soldier.

In another incident in 2002, a mentally infirm man from the Al-Julani family was playing with a water pistol in front of Gross square. The soldiers decided to "play" with him and shot and killed him, all in "play".

In yet another incident in 2001, a 16 year old boy from the
Al-Awewi family who the municipality had sent to clean up after them, was given poisoned food by IDF soldiers. The boy died immediately.

Some bullets thrown into my house
4.7MB 6 Min 8 Sec .wmv file
Clip shot in 2002, shortly before I had to leave Hebron. This is just a short clip showing some of the devastation caused in my house by the soldiers stationed on the roof.

I filed over 300 complaints because of the abuses of the soldiers. All of them were dismissed by the Israeli courts on the grounds that they could not find any proof of these incidents, or that the soldiers had done nothing wrong. The file with the correspondence between my lawyer and the Israeli government contained over 1000 pages. What angered the Israeli government was that my lawyer used the word "occupation" in her court filings, because this was in their opinion wrong.

Here are some audio clips of the soldiers on my roof. The clips were previously posted at the Gush Shalom site.


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