The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

  ..: Daily life of IDF Soldiers in Hebron :..
August 8, 2004

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Here are two clips which illustrate the daily life of the IDF occupation soldiers. The Israeli government consistently denies that their soldiers harass Palestinians or behave improperly in any way. Suggestions that the IDF soldiers take drugs are tabu. Any criticism of the behavior of the IDF or of the occupation itself is rejected as "anti-semitism" by the Israeli government.

(Click on the images to view or download the videoclips)

Achla Blouse
13MB 3 Min 27 Sec .wmv file
Filmed 2002, in front of my house. In this clip you see some IDF soldiers detailed to the street in front of my house. This street is a passageway used by pedestrians, and that is why they blockade it. You see the soldiers shouting at and harassing passing Palestinians. When I go down they become interested in the camera and me. One of them comments about me "Achla Blouse", what means "beautiful blouse". One of the soldiers urinates at theentrance of a shop, they shove a passing Palestinian around. All they do here is to provocate, as they know me well. I took this clip shortly before being forced by the IDF to flee Hebron.

Prostitutka, prostitutka !
25MB 6 Min 35 Sec .wmv file
Filmed 2001, during curfew. In this clip you see some russians detailed to an IDF checkpoint in front of the Abraham Cave laughing, walking around and shouting insults for over six minutes. The soldiers speak russian between themselves and appear to be under the influence of drugs. There is no threat whatsoever and they have nothing to do but to insult me.

Request for help: could somebody please send a translation of what the russian soldiers speak ?

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