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July 16, 2004

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Salem Al-Jalbi (Chalabi). (Credit: ABC News)

In its issue 682 of July 12, 2004, the Palestinian Arabic weekly Al-Manar published a special report about Salem Al-Jalbi, President of the Iraqi Court, and his relationship with the U.S and Israel governments. I found this article quite interesting, because it offers confirmation about information which was until now mostly speculation, and it allows for some interesting insights combined with other information which is now public knowledge.

Who is Salem Al-Jalbi according to Al-Manar newspaper? (Local copy of original article in Arabic here).

Last month on the 15th of June 2004, an Airplane of the Israeli El-Al arrived at Tel-Aviv Ben-Gurion airport coming from from London at 11:30 in the night, carrying three persons. There was a black Israeli Volvo waiting for the three guests. The Volvo was escorted by a civilian armored Jeep. The black car drove to the Israeli city of Herzliya, carrying the three guests to a big villa on "Henza" (sp ?) street, which was protected by other cars full with Israeli secret service agents and guards.

The three guests were, Salem Al-Jalbi, the President of the special Iraqi Court charged with prosecuting the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein; he is the nephew of Ahmad Al-Jalbi's, who had already visited Israel many times and who serves the interests of the Pentagon, the American Defense Ministry. The other guests who arrived with Salem Al-Jalbi were one woman, his secretary from his office in Washington, and a Jewish lawyer from London.

According to Al-Manar, Salem Al-Jalbi held a meeting with Israeli security and political officials in Herzliya. The meeting was over at 3 AM of the 16th June 2004. The next morning at ten o'clock, Salem Al-Jalbi, accompanied by his secretary and the Jewish lawyer from London, drove from Herzliya to the Alon Shvot settlement near Kfar Atzion in the occupied West Bank, on the road between Jerusalem and Hebron.

They were the guests of their Israeli lawyer partner, who lives in the Alon Shvot settlement, for two days. The relationship between Salem Al-Jalbi and his Israeli friend is that of a partner of an Israeli lawyer office in Israel. The relationship between the Israeli lawyer and Al-Jalbi started ten years ago. Through the offices of this Israeli lawyer, Al-Jalbi has built lucrative commercial relationships with many Israeli businessmen.

The background of the relationship of Salem Al-Jalbi with the Israelis is related to a meeting previously held in London, in which his American friend Douglas Feith took part. Feith is currently “Undersecretary of Defense for Policy” at the U.S. Pentagon. In this capacity he helped to engineer the invasion of Iraqi.

Salem Al-Jalbi used his relationship with his uncle Ahmad al-Jalbi and build a strong relationship with the Pentagon, he granted work permissions for several Israeli businessmen to work on the Iraqi land.

Salem Al-Jalbi still has an active relationship with this Israeli lawyer, who moved with his family from Washington to the Alon Shvot settlement in Kfar Atzion. The Iraqi judge Salem Al-Jalbi and this Israeli lawyer share a legal advice office in Washington until now.

Al-Manar newspaper sources said that the Iraqi judge Salem Al-Jalbi brought an Israeli advisor to Baghdad due to an advice from officers from the American headquarters. This Israeli advisor still partners with Salem Al-Jalbi. They both live near each other. Salem Al-Jalbi is married to a British Jewish woman who lives in the Kensington area in London.

The sources of Al-Manar newspaper stated that the uncle of Judge Salem Al-Jalbi, Ahmad Al-Jalbi, owns a house in a kibbutz on the way between Haifa and Herzliya in an area with many pleasurable weekend- and vacation houses. The kibbutz is near a to special Israeli Camp where many high Israeli military officers and government workers spend their vacations.

Ahmad Al-Jalbi has been in Israel several times during the last months. His bodyguards were trained in Israel.


My friend Nitsan Showier who lived in Herzliya before he moved to Benjamina, another new city near Tel Aviv, once showed me Herzliya and the surroundings. I reported on this area in newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah, my employer at the time. Nitsan Showier was a photographer with the Israeli Police Ministry. I have also been many times by myself to Herzliya. I had many friends there, and it is a beautiful city.

Herzliya is a famous city near Tel Aviv, about 15 minutes driving to the north by car. Herzliya is located on the mediterranean coast, and it is an exclusive resort known as the place of residence of many rich and influential Iraelis. It is the location of universities and scientific institutes, and also home to diverse high-tech companies. The U.S Ambassador lives there, the former Israeli President Ezer Weitzman, and also General Amos Gila'ad and other important Israeli officers all live in Herzliya.

Herzliya is well known in Israel for two strips on the beach where prostitutes do their business. On one of these strips female Israeli soldiers do their business during the weekend, the other strip is the “business district” of cheap Russian prostitutes. This is near the old Islamic Mosque on the beach, the sole remain of the Arab town destroyed and razed in 1948 and replaced by what today is called Herzliya. The Russian prostitutes take 20 Shekels (about four dollars) for sex. I can only suppose that the fact that cheap prostitutes do their business near the Mosque is probably intentional, meant to not-so-subtly insult Arabs. The place where Mr. Ahmad Al-Jalbi bought his house mentioned in the Al-Manar article, a kibbutz near a military resort, is probably the same Israeli Military and Government “enjoyment city” forbidden to the public, which I mentioned in a previous article. In this place Israel has a special jail in which the Russian and the Iraqi nuclear weapons scientist jailed.

The friend of the friends and their partner, the mysterious lawyer the from Shvot Alon settlement

Salem Al-Jalbi's host in Shvot Alon is not named, but the article from Al-Manar gives us a strong hint. It names Douglas Feith, who is known from various reports to have been the person behind the short career as the wannabee-dictator of Iraq of Ahmad Al-Jalbi, Salem's uncle. Mr. Feith was until recently partner of an Israeli  law firm which features a roster of lawyers with impressive backgrounds and connections related to the practice of predatory capitalism, and who have in common, with one exception, that none of them was born in Israel. This is a typical curriculum found among the many illegal jewish squatters in my country. From past reports it would not be far fetched to name the head of this law company as Mr. Al-Jalbi's host in the West Bank, as they have been bragging together about the new money-making opportunities now open due to the rape of Iraq.

One of the integrants of this impressive team gives as a reference that he attended "Yeshiva University". This called my attention because I know a certain "Yeshiva School" in the settlement of Beit Romano in Hebron. This used to be a Palestinian preparatory school until it was expropriated in 1980 and taken over by the extremists from Beit Romano. I don't know if he refers to the same place or if there is any connection, but here are pictures of some alumni from the Yeshiva School at Beit Romano settlement.

The learnt scholars from the Yeshiva school at Beit Romano

Connections make the world go round

The known contacts of Mr. Feith, which can also be attribued to Mr. Al-Jalbi, are the integrants of the neo-con wrecking crew, many of whom have become known to the world as the ideologues and manipulators behind many a genocide, massacre, famine and assorted horrors around the world. The occupation of my country is but one example of their deeds.

While all these persons present themselves as loyal Americans (they have always explained away their loyalty to Israel as “Dual Loyalties"), what is known about them as a group since having entered the circles of power in Washington during the Reagan era is that they have continuously subverted the foreign policies of the US in favor of Israel, so that today the time has come where the US has no foreign policy of its own.
The neo-cons have actually subverted far more than the foreign policy of the US, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

Given the track record of this group, their intimate relation to Israel and to the settlements, they should more appropriately be viewed as agents of influence for Israel, more precisely of the settler movement. The law company of Mr. Feith's partner emerges as a probable pivotal point from where the activities of this group are coordinated. Through this same law company and through Mr. Al-Jalbi some connections to the UK come to light. Of course, completely honorable and inoffensive lawyers. More hints come from
the mention in above article of two persons who came with Mr. Al-Jalbi in the plane from London. And whatever happened in the mentioned “meeting in London”, it was important enough for the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy to fly over from Washington.

The article also states that Mr. Al-Jalbi has familiar ties to London through his marriage to a jewish woman from that city. Through Google we find that Salem  supposedly worked at a Law Firm in London with a practice portfolio similar to that of his host from Svot Alon. It would be interesting what else surfaces if people with a better knowledge of the political scene in London look into these links.
How they pushed the UK into the invasion of Iraq is not yet clear, but judging from Tony Blair's nervous appearances in public, somebody must have exercised very strong pressure on him. The question is, how does one exercise so strong pressure on the English Premier that he sends his troops to an unpopular war based on phony pretexts and stands by the decision despite massive election losses ?

One interesting fact about Mr. Al-Jalbi's apparent friendly host in Svot Alon is that he comes near running afoul of USC 18 Section 2339b due to some connections of his, which are not exactly inside the legal field. According to this article from the Guardian, he undertook a trip to Israel sponsored by Gush Emunim. Gush Emunim is one of many the terrorist organizations of the settlers. I have written about them before. While Gush Emunim itself are not “designated” as required by Section 2339b, the various terror movements and cells of the settlers partially overlap in membership and they often cooperate with each other. The fun fact here is that Kach or Kahane Chai, another terror group, is designated as required by USC 18 Section 2339b.

It would certainly be interesting to see how the professional future of
Mr. Al-Jalbi's friendly host develops if either Gush Emunim is “designated” or somebody demonstrates that a member of Kach was also with Gush Emunim and the US decides to respect its own laws for everybody to see. These developments seem improbable at this time due the aura of beatitude which is conferred to Israel in public discourse.

Alon Shvot

To better understand Mr. Al-Jalbi's benefactor, let us take a look at his neighborhood. I remember the Svot Alon settlement very well. Alon Shvot is built on the Palestinian village of Artas. Some Palestinian survivors still live there, but they are reduced to poverty and mostly not allowed to go to their lands. Thousands of dunams of land were stolen by the Jews to enlarge their settlement, and during the last weeks they have started cutting the trees on Palestinian lands which they have not stolen yet. The squatters from Alon Shvot usually steal the olives and the grapes from the Palestinian farmers of the area, their livelihood.

Some years ago I reported about a terrorist incident caused by one of the dwellers of that place. In 1991 during the time of the secret negotiations in Oslo, Dr. Faisal Amero from Hebron, his sister and her child drove by this settlement on their way home from Beit Jalla. They were stopped at the junction near the settlement. The person who stopped the doctor, a soldier from the settlement, shot at Dr. Amero. His sister shouted “He is a doctor, he is a doctor !” This enraged the squatter even more. He shouted back “Ruch mut inta wa'achuk !” (“Go and die with your brother”). The squatter emptied the clip of his gun into the legs of Dr. Amero, and he also shot at his sister and her child, and left them for dead.

Dr. Amero survived but his legs are partially paralized. His sister lost part of one hand, her child was also shot. Until now Dr. Amero has not received compensation for this crime. The Israeli courts never gave Dr. Amero or his sister just compensation. The Israeli judges tried to con them into accepting a pittance, what they of course refused. The terrorist who shot at them never saw even one day of jail for this hate crime as far as I know. This episode illustrates the kind of neighborhood where Ahmed Al-Jalbi's benefactor feels at home: A place where crime of any kind, especially hate crime is rampant because it is never prosecuted, a safe haven where terrorists can abscond and are never so much as looked at because they are the supreme law of the land.

Conclusions and Insights

The easy conclusion is that Salem Al-Jalbi is an "American" puppet running an American cangaroo court in the newest "American" colony. But this is just too easy to be the whole story. Let's look a bit further.

We have Douglas Feith apparently running the Al-Jalbi family, first almost installing Ahmad as American dictator in Baghdad and now apparently handling Salem, who has already shown his incompetence in court. Mr. Feith has some interesting connections to London, to the West Bank and to the Israeli government, he seems to be pushing neo-con agendas on the dime of American taxpayers. I could not find any other report of his visit to London last month.

Then we have continued reports of strange assasinations of academics in Iraq. This modus operandi coincides with what I have seen them doing in Palestina, where the people in any position to think have been either murdered ot thrown into exile. Many recent reports of Israel operating in northern Iraq also hint to different agendas being pushed in Iraq, one "American" and one "Neo-Con". Other similarity to the modus operandi of the Israeli in the Palestinian territories are the continued reports of rape. Rape and sexual abuse of men, women and children by IDF soldiers is common in Palestina.

All taken together gives

a) The Al-Jalbi family are not so much "American" but "Neo-Con" puppets. American and Neo-con interests overlap, but they are not the same.

b) The Neo-Con "movement" is a long-running project to take over the American political system by dedicated Zionists. While they appear to run the show, it would be reasonable to say that they are the American front of this project. This project is managed by extremists who live in the settlements. One of their outer appearances is the terror directed against Palestinians.

c) A British front of this movement seems to exist, they were probably the ones who pushed the UK into invading Iraq.

d) The politics of the United States, of Palestina and those of Iraq have in common that they are determined by foreign interests, namely the "Neocon" front. While the Iraqi and Palestinian cases are clear, I present here three symptoms showing that the US is no different, in effect a vassal state:
- The US has no foreign policy of its own. It executes the orders from Tel-Aviv. One need but look at their shameful vetoing record at the UNSC for the past decades to see how true this assertion is.
- Israel extracts extravagant levies from the US year after year. Of course they are called "Grants" and "Aid" to hide the fact from the public. The known costs to Americans are reported to be near 100 Billion Dollars since 1948.
- It looks increasingly difficult for Americans who want to put their
countrys legitimate interests before those of Israel to participate in politics in any meaningful form. It has become customary for those who hold or aspire to office to make a pledge of loyalty and allegiance to Israel during "private" groveling tours, not unlike Salem Chalabi's trip to Shvot Alon.

And Salem Chalabi ? He is not important, and it would be appropriate to say that he is the executor of Israeli, or rather Neo-con interests in Iraq.

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