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  ..: Another close Look at the Israeli Occupation :..
July 11, 2004

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Here I present three more short clips illustrative of everyday life in Hebron before the Intifada. These clips document the general behavior of the settlers vis-a-vis the Arab population, the behavior of the IDF vis-a-vis the Arab population, and what the occupation IDF presence is all about, namely protecting a small group of extremely agressive religious zealots and terrorists imported from the USA. I filmed these sequences during the peace time in 1999 and 2000, before the Intifada broke out.

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Celebrating Purim by stomping on Arabs
9 MB 2 min 29 sec .wmv clip

Filmed 1999 - This clip is part of the film "Detained". A procession of squatters celebrating Purim is shown in this clip. While the origins of the jewish Purim festivity is related to celebrating the freeing of the Jewish people from oppression by their enemies and is thus an occassion of great joy, the Hebronite variant of the festivities takes the meaning of celebrating the joys of the oppression of Palestinians by Jews.

We see many costumes designed to humiliate Arabs, and some squatters demonstrate their hate for Arabs by stomping on one of the many dolls carried by the procession and which represent Palestinians in a derogatory way. In the Hebronite version of Purim, the dolls represent Palestinians as Haman, a courtier at the court of King Xerxes who conspired against Jews according to the Book of Esther in the Old Testament. This is not only a grave insult but an outright call to to genocide against Palestinians using religion as a justification.

The story of the Purim festivity is told to Christians in the Book of Esther of the Old Testament.

IDF protects the squatters
4 MB 1 min 5 sec .wmv clip
Filmed 1999 - This clip is part of the film "Detained". In this clip we see two short sequences showing the IDF in their role as bodyguards for the illegal squatters, and not at all securing any legitimate security interests of the Israeli Government. In order for the one settler and his son shown on the frame left to walk through Hebron on Saturday morning, all the traffic has to be stopped and a military escort must with him.

I'm going to kill all Arabs ! I'm going to kill Arafat !
13 MB 3 min 29 sec .wmv clip
Filmed 2000 - In this clip four sequences can be seen. First,  Palestinians have to remove barbed wire left in the street by the IDF after lifting a curfew. Next we see some Palestinians detained in an otherwise empty street by an IDF patrol. In the next sequence we see another IDF patrol entering a Palestinian house to check a roof they will expropriate. Note how one soldier covers the rear even though there is no menace of any kind. In the last sequence an IDF soldier in civil is seen shouting insults and making obscene gestures. This apparently drunk person is a squatter from one of the illegal jewish settlements in Hebron.

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