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  ..: Shay Sandori at the Border of Harassment :..
May 31, 2004

(I wrote this story on January 6, 2004)

Shay Sandori at the Halhol Bridge Border Checkpoint

The Place: The Bridge Border at Halhol
The Time: 1 August 1997

The soldier: I love you, you are very beautiful.
Me: I don't love you.
The soldier: but I love you.
Me: I don't care about your love, do you understand?
The soldier: but I care about your love.
Me: what kind of love you are talking about? Is it the crowded cars and people whom you denied the right to return to their homes at the week end ?
The soldier: Of course no. Please stop talking about my business. Let us talk about how I love you.

After murdering a child, Shay Sandori (left) shows his affection for me

Probably talking about love makes me feel victorious, but you should understand that I will not be able to love the occupational soldiers.

The place of this conversation between me and the IDF soldier was not in Bar, or in a coffee house. It was on the Israeli occupation death border at the Hebron - Halhol bridge on the northern part of the City of Hebron where I lived.

I arrived at this border on my way back from Jerusalem during the "peace time”. I observed a Palestinian car arrive at the border sounding their horn urgently. The IDF soldier Shay Sandori, this is hs real name, and his friends, decided to cut the way of this car, in the same way they forbade hundreds of other cars to enter Hebron.

The car stopped. I saw a child of 10 years bleeding on the back seat. The mother was crying. She begged the IDF soldiers to allow the driver to continue his way to the hospital. The soldiers refused.

They ordered the driver to open the car trunk. They start searching the car, laughing as if they were watching a joyful film. The child lost his last drop of blood while the search was going on at this border checkpoint. He died in front of me. I shouted loudly at the IDF soldiers, I said: “I am an eyewitness of all what you are doing, you killed the child”.

My loud protestations interrupted the soldiers and scared them. They permitted the car to pass. This was after 25 minutes of searching the car, and after the child had died.

Again Shay Sandori (right), harassing me at the Halhol Border Checkpoint

I documented this event with photographs.

The child was really dead, the doctor at the hospital said. There was a big chance to rescue the child if he had arrived at the hospital 10 minutes before. Time is very mportant for the bleeding cases, each moment can help save the life.

The child died and the IDF soldier who fell in love with me called the Israeli Police to have me arrested.

The full "Love" Story was published in a Friday edition of Ma'ariv. Page 1  Page 2  Page 3 (in Hebrew).

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