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  ..: Is Hebron a Concentration Camp or a Closed Ghetto? :..
May 18, 2004

Men taken from their houses in Hebron being walked to "administrative detention".

Update 22.05.2004

Under the presence of 400 armed squatters in the city of Hebron, the life of 200,000 Palestinians has become Hell. The city market of Al-Shalaleh street and the old city, were 40.000 Palestinians live, has become an open air concentration camp. The Israeli government covered the city markets with barbed wire from the four sides after closing the entrance of these markets with metal doors which made the life hell for all of Palestinians who live there. The public life was disrupted and hundreds of shops were closed under the military law, hundreds of shops were looted by the squatters together with the IDF soldiers. Finally, the Al-Aktab mosque in the vegetable market was occupied by the squatters. The furniture of the mosque was thrown to the street, and they started using it as a synagogue since the the end of April, 2004.

Market in "New Shallalah" street behind Beit Hadassah, the only street which links the city after Shuhada
street in front of Beit Hadassah. Note the fences above the street, effectively converting the street into a
cage. Most of the shops have been looted by the settlers, who drill holes through the walls. Some victims of
theft by the settlers are Jamil Dandeez, Dr. Fawzi Sidir and the Hatam Ammer Shopping Center.

This follows the Israeli plan of creating a Jewish area in the heart of Hebron. They closed the vegetable market, thousands of Palestinian shops in Al-Shuhada, Al-Sunieh, the Iron and Alkasaba markets before the Intifada started. In the same way they closed hundreds of Palestinian houses after they threw out the Palestinian families who had inhabited them out. Finally, the Israeli government destroyed 150 houses around the Abraham cave and on the long road of the Al-Salaimeh area on the way to Kiryat Arba. Since the massacre commited by the American Jewish terrorist Goldstein, the Government closed the Al-Shuhada street as a form of collective punishment against the Palestinian victims and as a reward for the terrorist squatters.

Jabber Area near settlement Kiryat Arba after demolition. This was is the retribution for the shooting of Dror Weinberg.

Some Israeli friends who have relatives in the government told me that the massacre commited by of Baruch Goldstein was forseseen in a government plan dating from 1980, in which the government decided to take control of the Abraham Mosque and to create a link area between the different Jewish settlements in the city, from Kiryat Arba to Tal Romeidah.

Gangway between Beit Hadassah settlement and a roof on the other side of the Shallalah street, which
they use to go and destroy Arab houses. Hare the caging in of the old Market is more apparent.

Gated entrance to Shallalah street from the side of Shuhada street. The house on the left side contains an IDF post.

Razor wire around the house of the Raed Da'na family in Hebron.

Update 22.05.2004

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