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  ..: Jewish Terror Cells Made in the U.S.A. :..
May 12, 2004

A graffiti near Beit Hadassah settlement in Hebron (Credit: CPT Hebron)

Jews holding American Passports live organized in terrorist Groups in the West Bank: Will the U.S. President apologize for producing the Jewish terrorist leaders of Gush Emunim, Kach, TNT, the "Settlers Underground", and the "Committee for Security on the Roads", which exist in Hebron and the West Bank?

Will Mr. Bush stop allowing the members of these terrorist groups, many of whom still hold American Passports, from entering the U.S and collecting money to finance the terrorist actions of these groups against Palestinians ?

Why has the U.S. not yet invoked their very strong anti-terror laws against these terrorists and all those who finance them and otherwise give them support? Yes, where is their "War against Terror" when it matters ? Could it be that the American government actually aids, abets and supports terrorists when they are Jews and American or Israeli citizens ?

What kind of responsibility will the U.S take against the sexual abuses committed against me and so many other Palestinians by these American Citizens of Jewish faith who espouse extremist views and who still live in the West Bank settlements? A lame "I'm sorry" as in the case of the torture in the American Gulag in Iraq will never be enough for 60 years of continued terror.

How long the U.S will continue corrupting Israel and supporting them in their occupation of the West Bank? What does the U.S mean by allowing Israel to "hold onto the main settlement blocks" on the West Bank?

Following the miserable meeting between the Iraq occupation President Mr. Bush and the Palestine occupation criminal President Sharon on Wednesday, 14 April 2004, Bush said that “Israel had a claim on some West Bank areas, and that “new realities on the ground” would have to be taken into consideration during final status negotiation. Return to the Green Line was “unrealistic”.

According to Bush, the Palestinian refugees should settle in a Palestinian State, not in Israel. The War President Bush also implied that the US would allow for Israel to hold onto the main settlement blocks on the West Bank. “The U.S does not view it as a final negotiation but reality in the region has changed significantly in the past several decades. Any permanent status agreement must take into account this reality". He added: “I am committed to the security of the State of Israel and to it's existence as a Jewish State".

Jewish Hate sprayed on a wall in Hebron (Correction: "Kahane was right").
This is like saying "Hitler was right".

The reality and the facts on the ground in the West Bank which should have been considered by President Bush in his statement in the first place, is a group of Jewish extremists who all hold an American Citizenship and have American Passports but live in the Jewish settlements in the West Bank. These American Jewish citizens are organized in terrorist groups in the West Bank, and are financed by various American citizens and organizations. What happened to all the American and European Laws which deal with those who finance terrorist organizations ? Where does President Bush mention these "facts on the ground" in his speach ?. In the heart of the city of Hebron, where 40.000 Palestinians live in the old city, there are 400 armed Jewish squatters protected by 5000 Israeli soldiers. These squatters are lead by the activist of the Kach terror movement, which was founded in the United States. Other American Jewish settlers who live in Hebron are members of different terrorist groups which were founded by different members of Kach gang.

What is the meaning of the President Bushs words ? Did he mean that the Israeli occupation in the West Bank should be over soon and that some of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank should be allowed the Palestinian Authority and the Jewish settlers should become Jewish-Palestinians and carry the Palestinians Nationality under a Palestinian State, like Arabs of Israel under the Israeli State?

Would the Arab community be allowed to occupy the U.S and build a new State there as “new realities on the ground” emerge, which "should have be taken into consideration" ? The Arabs community has existed in the U.S for several decades now, and using Bushs logic, such a proposal would not be far fetched.

In my opinion as a Palestinian refugee, Mr. Bush is not authorized by Palestinians to talk, negotiate, decided and promise Mr. Sharon on behalf of us, what also applies to Balfours shameless act of 1917. For over 37 years now, the Palestinians have been forced to drink the urine and shit of the occupiers.

Moshe Levinger (in the middle, white beard) with a Minister (white shirt), the director
of the Yeshiva in Beit Romano (dark beard left behind) and security detail.

The American Rabbi Moshe Levinger and his wife Maryam, both from New York, squat in Avraham Avino, the settlement on the Vegetable Market in Hebron. Levinger refers to Arafat as a “murder” and to Arabs in general as “dogs”. In 1987 he was appointed the ultimate leader of the Gush Emunim (Bloc of the Faithful) terror movement, which is rooted in the six day war. Recently Levinger supported the establishment of the “Committee for Security on the Roads”, a terrorist cell which was involved in injuriing six Palestinians and killing another three of the same family after they left a wedding near Tarqomia junction on the 19 of July 2001. The murdered people were a child of three months, Deia'a Al-Temezi, Muhammad Hilmi Al-Temezi of 22 years, and Muhammad Salameh Al-Temezi of age 20. In the 1980's Moshe Levinger also encouraged the Jewish underground “TNT” terror cells to attack Arabs. The home of TNT is the Kiryat Arba settlement in Hebron.

The American Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein, who killed 29 Palestinians and caused over hundred injuries for others praying in the Abraham Mosque on February 28 1993, was a member of “TNT”. The “TNT” terror movement functioned with financial support from many American citizens and members of Kach. A famous American Jewish Millionair and another Australian Jewish Millionair are supporting and financing this terror movement.

Baruch Marzel, spokesperson of Kach and financer of the "Settler Underground" terror cells

The American Jewish squatter Baruch Marzel who lives in Tal Romeidah in Hebron is a member of Kach, he is the "financial minister" of the “Settler Underground” cells. He continually travels to the U.S and collects money to support the terrorist activities of these groups against Palestinians. This is against American Laws, which do not allow American citizens to support or finance terror activities. Why is are the American laws not enforced ? Why is this terrorist and his supporters not in jail ? Why have the assets of all those supporting Marzel and his terrorist activities not been forfeited ? Why are these people not in the concentration camp in Guantanamo, where they belong ?

On June 1980, the “TNT” cells planted bombs in the cars of Palestinians Mayors in different places through the West Bank. In Nablus it was in the car of  Mayor Gassan Shaka'a, who lost both of his legs. In Ramallah, the car of Mayor Karim Khalaf, In Albiereh the bomb was planted in the car of Mayor Ibrahim Tawil. All the Mayors were injured seriously. The terror cells exploded another bomb in the Hebron market at the same time, 11 Palestinians were injured seriously. In October 1992 TNT bombed a soccer stadium in Hebron. Ttwo children were injured. In 1992 TNT cell members from the military, wearing Arab dress, assaulted the Hebron University, killing four students and seriously injuring 35 others.

Anat Cohen, one of the most despicable elements from the Hebronite squatter scene, threatening TIPH personnel.

On 30 September 1998 Moshe Levinger murdered in cold blood the Palestinian Qaid Hasan Salah in front of his shop in “Bab Al-Zawieh”, the city center of Hebron. Levinger was convicted 7 times for attacking Arabs. On March 2001, the TNT cells exploded 10 Palestinian shops in Hebron and damaged over 20 workshops in the city, which was at that time under military curfew. Anat Cohen, one of the most extremist members of Gush Emunim and who lives in Beit Hadassa settlement in Al-Shuhada Street in Hebron, is involved in several attacks against Palestinian citizens daily. She assists Moshe Levinger in his office in Abraham Avino. Cohen is always on location when there is trouble or harassment against Palestinians anywhere in Hebron.

Hatemonger David Wilder slandering my colleague Hossam Abu Allan with skeptical IDF officers

David Wilder, the American Jew from New Jersey, is another member and leader of the Kach terrorist movement. He is involved in continued attacks against Palestinians and journalists in Hebron.

Ytzhaq Paz with his wife disrupting peaceful life in Hebron.

The American Jews Ytzhaq Paz, 27, Sela'a Tur, 22, Matityahu Shabom, 25, are members of the Jewish Underground terror cells which were involved during the last three years in killing at least nine Palestinians. They squat in the Kiryat Arba Settlement in Hebron. The Israeli police found four Kilograms of explosive materials in the car of Ytzhaq Paz. Yet, these people are still free to go wherever they please.

A picture of Noam Federman (Credits: Ha'aretz)

The American Jewish terrorist Noam Federman, who is the spokesperson of the Kach terror movement and a member of “Jewish Underground” or "Settler Underground" terror cells in Hebron, once said: “I think the government should put bombs in the hospitals, but unfortunately the government doesn’t do it, so it is up to the people to do those things”. Federman is also a member of the terrorist gang “Committee for Security on the Roads”. The Israeli Police Unit is full of complaints against this terrorist, but the Israeli government will not act against him. At the time of this writing, Federman seems to be in "administrative detention". It should be said that the Israeli government often helps the terrorists from the settlements to hide, under the guise of detaining them, until outrage over their crimes recedes. Federman and other settlers settlers are on "wanted-lists" on the Palestinian side and have been included in various deals in attempts to make Israel hand them over.

Federman is one of the terrorists who always shouted sexual taints and abuse at me and any other the Palestinian woman who crossed his way in the street, he never met me in the streets without asking how much money I wanted for one night with him, the poor slob, shouting “Kahbam Kahba”, which means “whore”. To Federman, an embittered and hate-filled middle age man who constantly heaps abuse and invective against all those who do not share his views, all women seem to be whores
in his world. Abusing Palestinian women seems to be his way of living out his sick urges, which would probably not be tolerated by his Jewish peers, even less by his wife.

This is Asher, yet another specimen from the Hebronite squatter scene. First we see him stealing parts of Palestinian houses, on the
right he makes an obscene gesture. Asher, together with Noam Federman and others, is on the "wanted-lists" of the P.A.

The American Jew Jonathan Steam (?), another squatter from Kiryat Arba, is also a member of the Kach terror movement. The Israeli government followed his advice during the last year. He said “The Palestinian houses and trees where the Palestinians hide would be removed. This whole area thousands of dunums will be cleared in a couple of weeks. We will only live in peace when the Palestinians are expelled from here. The government will realise this when they have exhausted every other options”.

Jonathan exposed himself in front of the Israeli government and the IDF Commander during the Jewish Purim celebration of last year wearing a gas mask and holding an M-16 gun. He wrote on his helmet “Natural Born Killer”, and on the ammunition clip he wrote “Kill them all, let God sort them out”. There was no interference from the the Israeli Commanders and Police against this clear incitement against  Arabs made by this American Jew. He is a soldier serving at Nakhal unit. There are more Israeli soldiers who serve in this unit but at the same time are members of Settler Underground terror cells, TNT. People like Steam provide the terror cells in which they are members with weapons which they regularly steal from their respective IDF units.

Jewish squatter showing his granddaughter how to use weapons

The squatter children learn at school from early age that the terrorist Goldstein is a holy person who sacrificed in his blood for the service of God. The chldren are taken to Goldsteins grave to see the this sentence is written there. In Hebron the squatter children damage the Palestinians property all the time, they cut the water pipes, the electricity wires and the telephone wire of the main net, they throw stones, they damage the shops of Palestinians and write hate graffiti like “I like to kill Arabs", "Arabs are stinky", "The revenge day is coming soon”. At the door of the Islamic department of the “Wakf” near Avraham Avino, the squatters cut the name of this organization and replaced it with insults: “Arabs sons of dogs, and Muhammad Manyak”, Muhammad is the Moslem's Prophet, “Manyak” means homosexual, a grave offense to moslems.

Squatter children inspired by Goldstein breaking into the administration of a Mosque, the Waqf

The American Jewish squatters are producing new generations of haters, they give the names like “Nikema” which mean “Revenge” to new children in Kiryat Arba, they keep bottles of blood at their museum in Beit Hadassa in Al-Shuhada street. The father of each squatter family always carries a pistol of nine millimeters and an M-16 gun. Beside that the drivers carry Uzi machine guns, and military Jeeps drive in front of them and five soldiers walk behind them when they venture to the streets. The Israeli snipers occupy numerous Palestinian roofs permanently.

American Jewish squatter children destroying the house of the Zeitoun family, who were thrown out by the IDF.

An Israeli officer from Hebron Unit told me that he and colleagues were once driving in a civil car near the Al-Aroub refugee camp, when a Palestinian car threw stones at them. They chased the car until they succeeded to stop it, and found that the cars occupants who had thrown stones at them were Jewish squatters from Kiryat Arba. There were 106 illegal outpost built on the top of mountains. 57 were built under Netanyahu between 1996 - 2001, and 14 were built under Sharon. While there are 250.000 squatters living in 154 settlements and other outposts in the West Bank, In Gaza there are about 5000 squatters living in over 17 settlements, which take up about 40% of the surface of the Gaza strip.

The Epitaph of American Terrorist and Mass Murderer Baruch Goldstein

Some attacks against Palestinians perpetrated by the “Committee for Safety on the Roads” and the Settler Underground

On 25 August 2003, Haaretz newspaper published some attacks against Palestinians. April 3, 2001, two Palestinians injured in shooting attack in Hebron. July 6 2001, three Palestinians hurt in shooting attack near Rimonim settlement in Hebron. June 13, 2001, a Palestinian killed in shooting attack on Hizma-Mishor Adumim road. July 19, 2001, three Palestinian killed in shooting attack near Hebron. July 29, 2001, a Palestinian killed in shooting attack on Hizma-Mishor Adumim road. October 11, 2001, two Palestinians hurt in shooting attack in the West Bank. October 24, 2001, six Palestinians hurt in shooting attack in Bani Naim junction near Hebron. March 4, 2002, 11 Palestinians hurt when an explosive device explodes near a school in Tzur Baher near Jerusalem. April 1, 2002, two Palestinians killed in shooting attack near Kochav Hashahar near Ramallah. April 27, 2002, a powerful bomb detonated in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of A-Altur, leading to the exposure of the Bat-Ayin cell. June 21, 2002, a Palestinian killed in a lynching in the village of Burin. July 28, 2002, 14 year old Palestinian girl killed in Hebron by settler attending Elazar Leibovitch's funeral. August 15 2002, explosive device found near Beit Anun, A Palestinian junction in Hebron. September 17, 2002, five Palestinian students hurt in school of Yatta's village near Hebron, a 10 Kg bomb explodes, another bomb was neutralized. April 9, 2002, Jewish group claims responsibility for an explosion in a Jenin school in which 20 were hurt.

Israeli soldiers took part in several terror attacks against Palestinians: An Israeli Police officer from Hebron told me that the Israeli Police had found a store of stolen IDF weapons and explisives near the Yatta village. There were several complaints on the subject of shooting on Palestinian farmers by squatters near the village, the last complaints was regarding a donkey killed in a bullet hail from an IDF machine gun. During a search in the area where the donkey was killed, the police found this store of weapon in a cave. They suspected some of the IDF soldiers from the “Nakhol” unit were working with a Jewish terror cell, some soldiers were member in these cells. The investigation showed that they were stealing IDF equipment in support of terror actions against Palestinians.

Some of the Israeli officers treated me with respect since I wrote about some of them who were attacked by settlers and had been fired by the government from their units in the police due to their influence. The settlers were using the most extremist Knesset members against the police investigators who were investigating their attacks against the Palestinians in Hebron, and other crimes committed by them as well. Police Commander Colonel Efraim Arditi told me once about some Israeli Police officers who were involved in helping the Palestinians to steal the Israeli cars.

The Jewish settlers in the West Bank and Gaza with their culture of religious extremism and terrorism, of violence, of unsurpassed racial hatred, uncontrolled crime and disregard for any authority is what the United States has contributed to Judaism. This minority who professes and lives by such radical views are a curse for Palestinians, but they are also the cancer which is destroying Israeli society, and more generally Jewish society worldwide, from within. They may well succeed in destroying any hope of a future for Palestinians, but in the process they will tarnish the name of Israel, Jews and Judaism worldwide, with all its implied consequences.

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