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November 14, 2004 - Russian Report: Radiation Poisoning Killed Arafat
 November 13, 2004 - Israel and their Victory of Killing Arafat          Nederlandse Vertaling 
 November 7, 2004 - Israel Poisoned Arafat          Nederlandse Vertaling 
 November 4, 2004 - Israel is an Antisemitic State          Nederlandse Vertaling 
 October 25, 2004 - KHAN YOUNIS - URGENT APPEAL FOR HELP          Nederlandse Vertaling 
 October 24, 2004 - An Illustration of Terrorism Made in Israel           Articulo en Espanol           Nederlandse Vertaling
 October 19, 2004 - A Jewish Settlement in Milton Keynes ?           Nederlandse Vertaling  
 August 31, 2004 - Future of the Relationship between Israel and the US ?
 August 23, 2004 - Israel is a State Without Morals         Nederlandse Vertaling  
 August 8, 2004 - Daily life of IDF Soldiers in Hebron
 July 20, 2004 - Hebron: An Israeli free-fire Shooting Range
 July 16, 2004 - Salem Al-Jalbi: Between the Pentagon and Alon Shvot
 July 11, 2004 - Another close Look at the Israeli Occupation
 July 5, 2004 - A Tour of Hebron during Peacetime
 June 12, 2004 - Al-Qaeda, Paul Johnson and two American Officers
 June 16, 2004 - The Israeli Military in Hebron - Some Videoclips
 May 31, 2004 - Shay Sandori at the Border of Harassment
 May 29, 2004 - Kidnapping, Torturing and selling Organs of Iraqi Prisoners
 May 26, 2004 - This Article has been retired
 May 19, 2004 - Israels involvement in Iraq: Torture and Petroleum
 May 18, 2004 - Is Hebron a Concentration Camp or a closed Ghetto?
 May 13, 2004 - IDF Soldiers and Jewish Squatters: Shit, Drugs and Abuse
 May 12, 2004 - Jewish Terror Cells Made in the U.S.A.
 April 16, 2004 - What are Israeli Army Reconnaissance Teams doing in Patagonia ?           Articulo en Espanol
 March 25, 2004 - The assassination of Sheikh Yassin was written between the Lines of the U.S. Road Map

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