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  ..: A C.I.A. Government in the West Bank ? :..
August 30, 2003

Israel continues occupying the West Bank, but the Palestinians will not congratulate them.

An American Apache helicopter, used by the IDF in Palestine.

Update 31.08.2003 - Added a relevant excerpt from an Al-Jazeera article.

Simple questions are being posed by the Palestinian public, but their questions and the answers are being censored by filthy and treasonous politicians so they do not surface in the Palestinian local and international media. Hundreds of questions, which are now forbidden, remain to be answered:

- Does the U.S want to establish a C.I.A. government in the occupied territories?

- Does the world believe that Palestinians have any kind of military, an army,
  to defend ourselves against the constant Israeli agression ?

- Does the Palestinian public accept the idea of dismantling Hamas, the Islamic
  Jihad and other resistance groups, as proposed by "Prime Minister" Abu Mazen
  or by President Arafat, while the Israeli occupation of our cities continues ?

- Are Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other groups really terrorist groups which threaten
  the worlds interests, or are they really movements resisting the Israeli occupation ?

- Why has the U.S. not asked Israel to dismantle the illegal Jewish settlements on
  Palestinian territory, to dismantle the Jewish terrorist groups like Gush Emunim,
  Kach, the so-called "Road Security Committee", and other secret terrorist organizations
  homed in the illegal Jewish settlements, or, why has the U.S. not even asked
  Israel to disarm them, to collect the weapons in the hands of these terrorist
  organizations as a first step of dismantling the infrastructure of the Jewish
  terror groups?

- Why does the U.S. Consulate continue granting visas for Jewish terrorists such
  as the "Finance Minister" of the secret Jewish terror gangs in the West Bank, the
  member of Kach, Baruch Marzel, who has been in the U.S. collecting money for the
  sake of terror actions against Palestinians?

Baruch Marzel, the Jewish terrorist. The U.S. has recently supported the criminal
deeds of this man with a 9 Billion Credit Assurance for the State of Israel.

- Does the U.S. government already see Israel as a world power, or are they trying
  in fact to establish Israel as a world power ?

2000 - Baruch Marzel's wife Sarah, throwing stones and
shouting obscenities at me in Tal Romeida

- Is the justification for the so-called "Road Map" the building of an independent
  Palestinian State, or is it just engineered towards protecting Israeli interests to the
  detriment of all Palestinians, while legitimizing the continued occupation of the
  West Bank by Israel ?

- Is the U.S., with their own record of crimes against humanity and their staunch
  support for any atrocities Israel might want to commit against Palestinians in
  a position, moral and otherwise, to end the occupation ? Now that the U.S. has
  invaded Iraq in order to steal their resources, this question acquires even
  greater urgency.

It should be established in very clear terms that Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and other Palestinian Islamic groups in the West Bank and Gaza are not terrorists despite the continued assertions by the U.S. and Israel to the contrary.

The Israeli occupation, which is being supported by the United States government in all possible ways, this even in direct contradiction to their own interests if and when necessary, is the infrastructure of the terror which is devastating the Middle East, not only Palestine. It is the main reason why terror, more appropriately called resistance, is constantly breeding in the Middle East. Regarding this continued and unwavering support for Israel, it should be noted that the U.S. is doing everything to help establish Israel as a world power, in the process displacing Europe from any role of significance in international politics. This is another less well known facet of the so-called "New World Order" being established right now. "Everything" includes support for the most extreme atrocities and crimes against humanity commited by Israel against Palestinians, and all Arabs by extension.

2000 - The two settlers on the left waiting for the soldiers to steal land for them are
American Citizens. Why are their weapons not the subject
of discussions
about disarmament ?

What the majority of Palestinians have to say is: "If there is no Israeli occupation, if the daily arrests, the indiscriminate killings, the assassinations of political leaders, the murders and other abuses commited by settlers, the continued landgrabs for the purpose of building and growing the Jewish settlements, the destruction of Palestinian livelihoods stop, there will be no revenge by Hamas, by the Islamic Jihad and by other Palestinian group against the Israelis. The world should not be mistaken to think that our resistance against the jewish occupation is terror. We are not terrorists or interested in terror actions against anybody in the world."

2000 - Baruch Marzel from Kach and Col. Noam Tivon from the IDF stealing the land of
Palestinian farmer Atta Abd El-Jawwad Jabbar outside Hebron.

The Palestinians know that there is no real "Palestinian Authority" in the West Bank and in Gaza since signing the Oslo agreement, and even before, during what was called the "peace time". The militant army of the PA, which we used to see, and about whose branches, institutions and systems the world could hear through the media, these so-called "National Security Forces", "Preventive Security Forces", Police,  Intelligence, "Marine Forces", etc. could as well have been called "Delusive Forces", as they never really existed. They were in reality a corrupted system which was established for the exclusive use and protection of the State of Israel.

The so-called "Palestinian Army" did never protect Palestinians. Not during the Al-Aqsa Intifada, not before and not thereafter. All of our Army with all of its systems just disappeared. This happened by a signal of the U.S. We did never see "our" forces protecting us during the Israeli military raids and other operations in our cities, villages, and refugee camps.

To illustrate how "our" so-called "Security Forces" protect our interests: after the Al-Aqsa Intifada started in 2000, the heads of this "Army" and of the Police collected all the weapons from the units, even the private pistols of the personnel. It is thus no surprise that groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad or the Popular Front have more legitimacy than the "Palestinian Authority" in the eyes of the population.

The Palestinians resistance groups, Al-Aqsa Brigades, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front, and other groups, have stood in the first defense line protecting the Palestinian civilians, they clashed with the high tech U.S. weapons used by the Israeli occupation, thousands of them were arrested, hundreds were killed, and hundreds are still wanted and on the run. These resistance groups have forced the U.S, the world and Israel to adopt the so-called "Roadmap".

A Palestinian father with one of his two kids shot
by an IDF tank.Picture from Al-Quds Newspaper.

The Palestinians see the "Roadmap" as an American trick to protect the occupation, the Jewish settlers, and Israel. The result for them will not be any improvement in their living conditions, but that they will be burdened with a C.I.A. "government" - perhaps as brutal and criminal as the one led in Iraq by viceroy Bremer - by the year 2005, instead of the mostly discredited "Palestinian Authority".

The majority of Palestinians deem the U.S. Roadmap as a plan to instaurate a C.I.A. government in Palestine, as a dirty political charade of the U.S., with the goal of first destroying all those resistance groups with the the popular backing and the power to put an end to the occupation.

The Palestinian "Prime Minister" Abu Mazen, the Engineer of the Oslo agreement, has turned 180 degrees from what was accorded in Oslo to the new "Roadmap". This caused him to lose face and to become insignificant inside the political circles, as well as in front of the Palestinian public, who used to respect him before his turn against his own. Abu Mazen has recently passed a law forbidding the Media from speaking with exponents from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and he has instructed the Media not to write against the Israeli occupation. Obviously the idea of Democracy presently espoused in Washington and Tel-Aviv is to cut ones opponents and other "undesirables" from the political discourse. Showing his servility to his masters at the C.I.A. will not help im to improve his public image.

The continuing interference in the internal affairs of Palestine by the U.S. and Israel, such as forcing the Abu Mazen government to dismantle resistance groups like Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, asking Arafat to hand over control of two major security organizations, the "National Security Service" and the "General Intelligence Service", which he has retained despite the fact that the Palestinian Authority planned a reform which would put all the security services under Abbas control. According to the refused Roadmap "All Palestinian security organizations are consolidated into three services reporting to an empowered Interior Minister".

The U.S. together with Israel forced P.M. Abbas to isolate the Palestinian Foreign Minister, Mr. Faroq Al-Khadomi, and finally replace him with Mr. Nabil Sha'ath. The Israeli Foreign Minister Salman Shoval complained to the U.S. that he did not like Mr. Al-Khadomi because he did "not support the peace", what caused the U.S. to order the replacement of the Foreign Minister. This charade confirmed the view that the "government" lead by P.M. Abbas is in fact lead by the U.S. and Israel, what in turn caused the Palestinians to raise their voice and call for him to resign.

The C.I.A. "Roadmap" mandates that the monies of Charities should
be frozen. Here are some of those affected demonstrating against
this cruel measure. Picture from Al Quds newspaper.

Recently, the Abbas "government" implemented part of George W. Bush's demands: his new Palestinian Authority froze over 36 bank accounts of 12 Islamic charity organizations operating in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, in what appeared to be part of a possible crackdown on militant groups. Nonetheless, thousands of Palestinians relying on the welfare of these charities demonstrated in Gaza against this decision made by Abbas and his government in the name of the U.S. and Israel, and shouted "We want Justice !". The Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas has also sent a letter to Saudia Arabia asking them to divert the donations from his government to these charities, so as to transfer it to his "government" instead of paying it directly to the charities and Islamic groups in Gaza and the West Bank. This all happened as part of the implementation of the "Road Map" and due to the coercion of the U.S. government.

What would happen if president George W. Bush demanded from the Israeli Prime Minister to freeze the finance's of the Jewish settlement "Tal Romeidah" were the Kach terror activist Baruch Marzel lives, or to confiscate the weapons he uses when shooting Palestinians in Hebron?

2000 - God told Baruch Marzel (in the middle) that this building belonging to the
Shahin family should  be "confiscated". That is what the IDF is doing here.

The Kach terror activist Baruch Marzel was granted a Visa to enter the U.S., he collected money from the U.S. persons and organizations, which he sought in order to be able to continue carrying out his terror actions against Palestinians. The American millionaire Irving Moskovitz financed occupation of Palestinian houses in the Eastern part of Jerusalen by "Ras A-Amod", he financed the terror activists in Hebron and helped them to steal Palestinian houses and shops in the old market.

Will President Bush be able to freeze Mr. Irving Moskovitz's accounts in the U.S. ?

Does the U.S. government support the assasination of the terror activist in Hebron, Menachem Livne, in the same way as they support the assasinations of Palestinian politicians ? Menachem Livne, who is a resident of Kiryat Arba in Hebron, is the man who was the prosecution's suspect No. 1 in the Jewish underground terrorist case, as a conspiracy that encompassed assassination attempts on West Bank mayors, a bid to blow up the mosque on the Temple Mount, a bomb in a Hebron school yard, and a machine gun attack on the Islamic University. Livne, a former engineering corps officer and expert sapper, made many of the bombs the Jewish Underground used.

Will the U.S. President George W. Bush ask Israel to dismantle the Jewish terror groups ?

In 1976, the Israeli occupation established what he called "Villager Union" in the West Bank, this was refused by the Palestinians who are shouting and demonstrating in the streets against the new establishment of the "Abbas" C.I.A. government in the West Bank.

Mr. Abu Mazen and his government are facing a strong opposition in the West Bank. The Palestinian resistance deemed President Yasser Arafat as the first leader in Palestine, he was elected by the majority of his people, they refuse the Abbas "government" as an illegitimate one, even if members of the Palestinian Parliament are supporting him. This is not enough, since the legislative period of the last elected Parliament is over, and there have been no new elections.

Under these circumstances, supporters of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa brigades are growing in number and in opposition of the Abbas "government". Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are fighting to put an end to the Israeli occupation, but Abbas does not seem interested in this. Maybe the majority of Palestinians are against killing Israeli civilians, what does not serve peace or even the national interests of the Palestinian, much the same as they consider the occupation to be a violation of the Human Rights, but any decision by Abbas against these groups would create a civil war in Palestine.

No one will be able to support the dismantling of these groups under the daily terror practiced by the Israeli occupation in the Palestinian cities, and which Mr. President Goerge W.Bush sees as legitimate actions against a nebulose "terror infrastructure". No one in Palestine cares about Abbas and his "government" of C.I.A. hirelings, the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Intifada broke out on 29 Sep.2000 for the sake of independence, freedom and in order to stop the occupation, but not for renewing the Palestinian Authority or to be burdened with a "Prime Minister" under the auspicies of the C.I.A. in addition to a corrupt PA, and thus returning to the same terrible situation under the occupation before the Intifada broke out, or even worse.

If all this happens, the only right explanation for all this is a big conspiracy to install an "alternative government" under the ferrule of C.I.A. in the occupied territories has taken place.

Update 31.08.2003 - Verbatim translation of an excerpt from an article published yesterday in the Arabic Edition of Al-Jazeera

Public conflict between Arafat and Abbas

The American Ambassador held an official meeting with Palestinian Parliament members and contacted leaders of the PLO Fatah wing today.

He warned them from bringing the Abbas government to fall. The American Ambassador warned them that bringing the Abbas government to fall would push the U.S Government to form a new political judgment which would "crystallize" decisions which would not serve the Palestinian interests.

The Palestinian Parliament member Khaddora Fares described the American pressure on the Palestinian Parliament as "Immoral". He said that the Palestinian Parliament has it's role and it should practice it's responsibilities which express the opinion of the Palestinian public, which is clearly discontent of the discord between Abbas and Arafat, which is seen as a hindrance to solving our main problems.

Posters in the West Bank. Left: "We chose him as a Symbol of Peace".
Right: "Please don't cut the Charity Funds (Signed: The Orphans)".
Picture from Al-Jazeera.

The complete article in Arabic is here.

The complete "Roadmap" of the U.S. Department of state can be found, already commented, here. Some of the stipulations regarding Security under the Roadmap follow:

* Palestinians declare an unequivocal end to violence and terrorism and
  undertake visible efforts
on the ground to arrest, disrupt, and restrain
  individuals and groups conducting and planning violent
attacks on Israelis

* Rebuilt and refocused Palestinian Authority security apparatus begins
  sustained, targeted, and
effective operations aimed at confronting all
  those engaged in terror and dismantlement of terrorist
capabilities and
  infrastructure. This includes commencing confiscation of illegal weapons
consolidation of security authority, free of association with terror
  and corruption.

* GOI takes no actions undermining trust, including deportations, attacks
  on civilians; confiscation
and/or demolition of Palestinian homes and property,
  as a punitive measure or to facilitate Israeli
construction; destruction of
  Palestinian institutions and infrastructure; and other measures specified
  the Tenet work plan.

* Relying on existing mechanisms and on-the-ground resources, Quartet
  representatives begin informal
monitoring and consult with the parties
  on establishment of a formal monitoring mechanism and its

* Implementation, as previously agreed, of U.S. rebuilding, training and
  resumed security cooperation
plan in collaboration with outside oversight
  board (U.S./Egypt/Jordan). Quartet support for efforts to
achieve a lasting,
  comprehensive cease-fire.

  o All Palestinian security organizations are consolidated into three services
    reporting to an 
empowered Interior Minister.

  o Restructured/retrained Palestinian security forces and IDF counterparts
    progressively resume
security cooperation and other undertakings in implementation
    of the Tenet work plan, including
regular senior-level meetings, with the
    participation of U.S. security officials.

* Arab states cut off public and private funding and all other forms of support
  for groups supporting and
engaging in violence and terror.

* All donors providing budgetary support for the Palestinians channel these
  funds through the Palestinian
Ministry of Finance's Single Treasury Account.

* As comprehensive security performance moves forward, IDF withdraws progressively
  from areas occupied
since September 28, 2000 and the two sides restore the status
  quo that existed prior to September 28, 2000.
Palestinian security forces redeploy
  to areas vacated by IDF.