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  ..: Appeal for the release of the Israeli driver Mr. Eliyahu Gurel :..
July 13, 2003

Mr. Eliyahu Gurel, the kidnapped taxi driver
from Tel Aviv (Picture from ArabYnet)

The Prophet of Muslims recommended for the safe Life of old People, Kids, and Women ...

As a Palestinian woman, a defender of human rights and a supporter of releasing all of the Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli Jails, I'm calling upon my people to be responsible for the safe return of the Israeli driver Mr. Eliyahu Gurel, who is missing since Friday afternoon, and to release him to return alive to his family in Tel Aviv.

I'm denouncing the irresponsible kidnapping of this old driver in the age of 61 years for any reason. I'm calling upon my people to remember the  recommendations of Islamic Prophet Muhammad Salla Allahu Alihe Wsallam during his battles to not kill any civilian, kids, old men and women, not to cut a tree or to defile the sacredness of the holy places.

These were the Islamic recommendation during the Islamic battles with enemies, the Palestinians should remember these recommendations which during the Intifada.

Mr. Eliyahu is an old man, probably a poor driver who accepted to work on Friday to help his family to survive during the terrible situation which Mr. Sharon brought them during his fight to continue the occupation in the West Bank and Gaza.

I'm calling upon the Palestinians to take an immediate decision to release Mr. Eliyahu and to secure his return to his family, taking in consideration the Islamic moral and principles toward the civilians, and the appeals from his daughter and family to release him.

I'm reminding the people who kiddnaped Mr. Eliyahu that a step like this one will not help us to release our prisoners or to build our independent state, or to challenge Mr. Sharon, Mr. Dahlan or Abu Mazen and the Hudnah, and releasing him is not a sign of weakness, abandonment, and apprehension. But keeping on his kidnapping or harming him with any kind of revenge is a violation of human rights and a contempt of our human dignity and the spiritual values of the Islamic faith.