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  ..: Sharon, Abu Mazen and Hudna :..
July 2, 2003

Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 02:01:19 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
From: "charles segelbaum" <>
To: "K Salam" <>
Subject:  Fw: Re: hell made in "palestine" LOL

Dear Kawther

I don't know if you remember me. I wrote you some time ago and felt real sympathy
for your sad story. I am still a great lover of Israel, but now I am cautiously happy to
see the possibility of peace between our two peoples, side by side. But.....a Hudna
is NOT enough.

You and I both know that Charaka al mukawama ahl Islamiyyah ( Hamas ) will only
be happy when every Jew in Israel is slaughtered in the name of Allah. Mahmoud
Abbas MUST totally DISARM them. The weapons MUST be confiscated. Only official
Palestinian police should be armed ( in my opinion ).

Kawther, I hope that we can sit together having a coffee in the Cafe Rimon in Jerusalem.
I hope to be in Israel within the next year or so and would enjoy meeting you. Incidentally,
you are very beautiful and I would be proud to be seen with you.

Shalom lach wa sallaam aleikum

 Traumatized woman in the Gaza Strip. Photo by Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah

Dear Charles,

Of course I remember you. But I don't want anything to remind me of Israel
and Palestine.

I experienced extreme psychological stress during my life under the occupation,
and because of the traditional male societies of both conservative Jews and Muslims.
I am not interested in hearing about "Hudna" or anything coming from Sharon,
Arafat or Abu Mazen. All of them will not be able to compensate me and others
for the "war trauma" they caused us.

Please, tell them that I don't want such a State or a peace built on blood,
skulls, bodies of innocent civilians.

I don't feel honored of all what they did, all what they are doing or all what
they will do. They all liars and killers. I want just one State with mixed
people and different colors, one law, one parliament, one president for both
Jewish and Palestinians, I don't care who will be elected to be a president or
in the Parliament for this State.

I want Human Rights and Love replacing hate.

I don't want to see these killers continue leading us, playing with blood,
killing the spiritual feeling of our human dignity, meet, laugh and drink
together. They are all war criminals who created a new generation of hate
and revenge.

Ask them if they can bring real smile to my face, or to the face of a child
after he lost his mother, father or both parents ?

Tell them to respect our human dignity which they killed and buried under the
ground. I don't want to hear about them or what they are doing, the daily
nightmare scenes of blood, death, funerals ... the deplorable massacres made
on human dignity will not be remove by Hudna with Hamas, Jihad ... and Sharon
and Abu Mazen. They all should die of what they brought us, of deep
psychological traumas.

I would not mind to drink a cup of coffee with you here in Vienna, where I am
living now, but I don't think the occupation, Hudna, settlements, Sharon or
Abu Mazen will bring us such a peace that we can meet and drink a cup of coffee
together in Jerusalem.


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Wishing you peace, love and better time than I have,