The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

  ..: To Ella, Maia and Ranen :..

June 30, 2003

Ella & Maia, two Israeli sisters I met in a foreign land.
Ranen is my niece behind the occupational borders in Hebron.
I didn't see, kiss her and the family before departure

For the innocent smile I still remember,
For the seek of peace,
For the hope of future.
For Ella, Maia and Ranen.
For today, and tomorrow.
For all mothers and children.

Will our children meet each other?
Will I meet you again?
Where and when?
In Israel and Palestine,
Or in a foreign land?

Will Exile be over?
Will hate die?
Will death stop?
Will rain wash blood? 
Will I meet Ella, Maia and Ranen,
Will they make peace,
Plant love, and hope seeds?

Will Ella meet Ranen?
Will Ranen meet Maia?
Will trust wash fear?
Will love join your hearts?
Will I meet you again?
When and where?

My lovely children,
What future is awaiting you?
You are both kids,
You are both in the same age,
You are both smiling, and laughing.
You both have lovely hearts.
You both are our hope,
Our love, and future.
Will I meet you again?

Tomorrow Maia will grow up,
Ranen will grow up,
Ella will grow up,
All the kids will grow up,
Tomorrow, Ranen, Ella, and Maia will marry.
Tomorrow we all will dance,
Celebrate a new generation,
Love and peace generations.
Made by mothers,
Ella, Maia and Ranen.
Will I wish that?
Will I see that?
Will I ask for that?
Will mothers hear me?
Will mothers read my words?
Will mothers change tomorrow?
Will mothers make the future of humanity?
The future of our sons?
The future of new generations ?
The future of peace ?

According to the declaration of Dr. Kamal Al Sharafi, the Palestinian Health Minister, on ocassion of the child day, there were 107 children killed during the year 2003. 21 child were killed during May 2003, 13 child died at the military borders, and 29 infant were died at the Israeli border after birth.

According to Defence for Children International (DCI), 448 children were killed since the Intifada broke out on 28 Sep.2000, thousands were injured, and 1600 children were jailed, 350 children are still held under arrest and spread in 20 military camp together with criminals. The age of these children is between 13 and 18 years.

In such different cases the detained childern were raped and otherwise abused by the criminals. They were tortured by investigators in order to obtain confession. In some cases the children lost conciousness like the child Muhammad Hasan Al Najjar, who was arrested on 22 of Nov. 2002, Majdi Eid Issa from the Al Khader village, and the girls Iman Atieh Abu Tobbo, and Reem Awad Hamdan form Blata refugee camp.

According to the lawyer Khalil Abu Shimaleh from the AlDameer human rights organization, 1600 children were arrested by the occupational military, 323 children are still in jail, the youngest prisoner is under one year old. He is the son of Mrs. Mervat Taha, born at jail.

Mr. Abu Shimaleh gave his testimony for to the UN during a conference which was held in Egypt on June 15th, 2003.

Abu Shimaleh said, there are 150 children of age 18 in jail, 77 in the age of 17, 61 in the age of 16, 25 in the age of 15. The others are in the age of 14 years, and four prisoners in the age of 12 year, three in the age of 11 year, and the infant of the prisoner Mervat Taha who is under one year of age.

Mr. Abu Shimaleh said that there are currently 62 women under military arrest.

My lovely niece Ranen, who lives in Hebron.

Kawther with Ella and Maia, two Jewish girls, outside of Israel. Nobody needs Mr. Sharon and his army to enjoy life.

A Palestinian girl collecting expended ammo hulls from the IDF soldiers.