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  ..: Evaluation of the Intifada :..
June 17, 2003

Mohammed Dahlan and Amos Gilad
(Picture credit to Arabic edition of Yediot Ahronot)

The Intifada broke out on September 29, 2000.

We asked, why did the Intifada break out?

They said: To stop the occupation and the jewish settlements, to build our independent state with it's capital Jerusalem, and for the right to return for the refugees.

In Hebron, six months after the Intifada broke out:
- The city was completely paralyzed.
- Area H2 under the Israeli control become a closed military zone "for jewish settlers only".
- The Settlements grew up.
- The vegetable market was declared military zone.
- Deep holes made by israeli bulldozers cut through the middle of city streets.
- The civilian movements were restricted even more than they were restricted before.
- The regular curfew was imposed on the city 24 hours daily, and removed only one day a week.
- The Palestinians abandoned there houses.

We warned, we asked for evaluation, we said:

No jewish settlers are abandoning their settlements in the city, while the Palestinians are abandoning their homes.

We asked for evaluation.

You must stop shooting from the middle of housing quarters, thus giving the occupation a pretext for causing death for innocent civilians.
We said, the first defense line of the Intifada, the old city and the market, is very weak. Let us make an evaluation.

The first year of Intifada was over ...
The children were coloring their rooms walls with the red color of blood, and with funerals. That's not a good sign we said.
Our children, under house arrest due to curfew and collective punishment, are watching the T.V. news 24 hours a day.
A three year old child can identify Sharon easily.
A three year old child asked his father for a gun and a militant uniform instead of piece of chocolate.
Children see, play, talk, draw, enjoy and write about killing, about murdering.
The fright and apprehension of live films they watch daily attempt to kill their childhood.

We said: this is a serious sign.

Our cities, villages, camps were destroyed, our homes demolished, our streets completely ruined. The people in the villages cut off from the people in the cities, our cites became isolation cells.

Our schools became strategic military occupational posts.
Collective destruction, collective assassination.
Jenin and Gaza became concentration camps.
Bloody games put the end to innocent civilians.

They all were proud of what they are doing.
This made them strong to make their propaganda. For both sides, killing brought strength.
Yes, no moral or human rights under the war.
There is no enforcement of International law in the world.
There is a new global order made by the U.S jewish lobby to lead the world and to draw a new map of the Middle East.

What did we achieve?
Home demolishing.
Collective punishment.
Destroyed cities, villages, and camps.
Destroyed streets and roads infrastructure, water, electricity...
Destroyed organizations: economic, health, education, social...
Psychological sickness.
Physical handicaps.
Social diseases, increasing in divorce cases and less marriages, violence against women and children.
Poor countries sympathy.
Enforcement of the U.S.A to change the government.

We achieved:
- A new government and prime minister made by U.S and Israel.
- The Road Map. 
- Truce, temporary armistice for three days and six months.
- Internal conflict between the head of parties or forcment.
- Antagonism between each other and with others, hate, pain...

The biggest achievement are the Israeli-Palestinian
security meetings, which means legitimacy for spying on Palestinians by Palestinians for the advantage of Israel. By this mission, Mr. Muhammad Dahlan the Palestinian Security Minister should show his security plan to israeli security and to the U.S.A to confirm it.

Mr. Dahlan is a minister qualified to play this role perfectly. The U.S. and Israel want him.

The first meeting between Mr. Dahlan the Palestinian Security Minister and the Israeli Coordinator of Activities in the West Bank and Gaza, General Amos Gilad, who we called "the Starvation, Thirst Sickness and Cancer Killer of the West Bank and Gaza".

Mr. Dahlan asked Mr. Gilad to give pardon for both of Mr. Rashed Abu Shbak, his past vice, and Mr. Tawfeeq Terawi, the head of PA intelligence, but Israel refused and claimed that both of them caused death for two settlers near Kfar Darom settlement.

The Question is, what kind pardon is this which which Mr. Dahlan asked for? Should all the Palestinians have this from the israeli government and from the U.S.A?

The next few days, in the close future, we can read what comes from the U.S.A Road Map, next to the following which comes very clear by Mr. Sharon's demands:

- Stop the Palestinian resistance to the occupation, which is now called "terrorism".
- The Refugee must give up the right of their return to their homes.
- Palestinians should elect only those officials acceptable to the U.S and Israel.
- The Resistance fighters should be locked up by the Palestinian government.
- The Palestinians should not drive in their cars on settlers roads, and must drive on what Sharon assigns for their use.
- Palestinian should not object to the "Security Wall" which Sharon is building now.
- The Palestianis should accept that East of Jerusalem will not be their capital.
- The Palestinians should change the school curriculum and learn from books approved by Israel.
- The Palestinian should not give birth to more than three children in per family.

This "Road Map" might consider 42% of 80% of 22% of 100% of the land which was originally Palestinian land.

This is the great achievement of our holy Intifada after thousands of Palestinians were killed, thousands were injured, and thousand were jailed.
The question is: who will compensate us for the terrible and frightening scenes which we lived 24 hours a day: Dahlan, Sharon or the U.S.A ?
Who will compensate the orphaned kids and bring them back their killed mothers ?
Who will compensate for our demolished houses after we become homeless?
Who will compensate for our refugee in other countries?
Who will compensate for psychological sickness, hate, fear, worries of our nation?
Who will compensate for the nightmares we lived?
Who will compensate us: Mr. Dahlan, Arafat, Shekh Yasin, Jihad, Sharon or the U.S.A. ?

We all made a crime in the Human Rights field when we accepted to kill our life in the latest Intifada, in order to achieve the Road Map.
Actually, the occupation should stop without conditions, this is what the world should be responsible to do it and support it. The same like they supported the alternative state for the jewish.

It is not fair that the holocaust was made in Europe, and we in Palestine, or even the whole middle east was made to pay the price.

When the occupation stops, the terror will be over.

All humanity should come together to stop the occupation, and to fight any kind of terror after the jewish are gone from our land.