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  ..: Israel Should Understand :..
June 11, 2003

I think that, as long as Israel will not stop the occupation, the Israelis will never live and enjoy PEACE.

I think that such a state that steals others homelands by force, should be called a terrorist state.

I think that such a State who build a racist isolating fence wall, shouldn't leave their soldiers and settlements in the West Bank.

I think that when you become an occupier, the resistance becomes a logical human right.

I think that such famous Israeli war criminals as Sharon, Mofaz, Ahron Zaefi,.. shouldn't be calling others terrorists.

I think that the Palestinian Intifada broke out to stop the occupation, and not to give us a "Prime Minister".

I think that the past assassination of Yihia Ayyash, increased the power, strength, and organization of Hamas, and that the attempt to assassinate Dr. Abed Al Aziz Al-Rantissi will mobilize thousands of suicide bombers.

I think that the latest suicide bomber of Jerusalem, Abed Al-Moati Shabaneh, 18 years old, was preparing himself for the final secondary school exams, he was sportive youth and not a wanted person. His family is not political nor do they belong to the Hamas movement. They all condemned the surprising action of their young son, who had dreamed of becoming an electronical engineer, and who had never been involved with the Hamas movement. As a journalist I knew Abed Al-Moati Shabaneh myself. Since he was young boy playing football on the streets he used to help his aunt, who lived in the old city market of Hebron after the occupation deported her husband to Jordan after accusing him of living illegaly with his family, seven kids and twins in Hebron.

Abed Al Moati was a normal young boy who loved kidding and joking all the time, he was an intelligent student, not a violent person. Suddenly he became a suicide bomber after the IDF's abortive assassination attempt of Hamas leader Abed Al-Aziz Rantessi. He killed himself, 17 Israelis, and caused injuries to tens of others.

I think that such an action from this young boy confirms that the israeli policy of murdering, assassinating, collective punishment and continuing the illegal occupation of the West Bank will not bring peace to Israel. Actually, Israel knew that, but the government does not care about it because the Israeli civilians are the only possible targets of Hamas, and not them.

After signing the Oslo Agreement, and during the so-called "peace time" until now, Israel government continued it's policy of assassination and murdering and killing Palestinians under the "name" of  fighting against Hamas, Jihad and ... terror. Does this policy stop terror? Does Israel stop Hamas' increasing strength and the suicide bombers?

The question is, why Israel does not want to understand that ?

Why does Israel want to create a new generation of Hamas, Jihad suicide bombers and resistance in the West Bank and Gaza? Is that a part of it's policy to continue occupying the West Bank and building settlements?

Actually, the Israeli government supported the Hamas organization during the first Intifada in 1987, while other Palestinian parties were prohibited from declaring their national work. This was the occupation policy.

Since the U.S. occupied Irak, there is no hope anymore that the occupation of Palestina will stop some day.

What the occupation has brought to Palestine

Israelis probably think they will get peace with scenes like this one. Photo credit Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah

Palestinian kids looking at a baby shot by the IDF at his burial, learning Sharon's language. Photo credit Al-Quds Al-Arabiyah

Tank vs. Palestinian teen with a stone. This is peace "Sharon style". The terrorists are those in Washington and Tel-Aviv who sent this tank to Gaza, not the Palestinian kid defending his homeland. Photo credit Miftah.

Man crying at the funeral of Afnan Yasser Taha, a baby murdered by the IDF using  an american missile in Gaza. Photo credit Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah