The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

  ..: Lovely Killing and Terrorist Attacks :..
May 22, 2003

1998 - Boy from the Al-Julani family who came from Jordan to visit his sister
in Hebron for the first time after her marriage. He was shot
in Babi-Zawye in
the city center, the picture taken at Al-Ahle hospital.

I read in the Palestinian newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah that a Palestinian woman who I had met when living in Palestine, Samihah Hamad Allah of 38 years, and a boy, Sofian Arar of age 17, were killed by the IDF soldiers in Bani Zid village near Ramallah.

Samihah worked in the social club in the village since before the Intifada broke on September 29, 2000. She was training other women from the same village to give emergency aid and humanitarian  help for others. She was shot by the IDF snipers while practicing her human work and trying to rescue the life of the young boy Sofian.

The "lovely" Israeli soldiers usually raid into quiet Palestinian villages were there are no clashes. This is called troops operating mission or "Lovely Killing", which is not considered by the U.S government and the International media as war crimes. Maybe the Palestinian's dignity as  human beings is not considered by the U.S global order or their so-called Peace.

Samihah was a mother of eight children between 2 and 16 years old, she never clashed with IDF troopers. 24 days before Samiha's killing her brother Osamah, 26 years old, was killed by the IDF soldiers during a raid on Kofer Ian school, Samihah, Sofian and Osamah were were killed during the IDF lovely mission of shooting everywhere near the villages around Ramallah.

Daily killing, murdering, demolishing, arresting, humilliating, and under these conditions Abu Mazen the Palestinian PM should control the suicide bombers. He is responsible about the  attack of the settler couple Dudi Levy and his wife Dina from Kiryat Arba in the city of Hebron under the IDF troopers. He is responsible for the suicide bomber attacks in Jerusalem, he is responsible and responsible...

Who told the U.S that Abu Mazen has a remote control which may stop a suicide bomber from blowing himself up ? A suicide bomber who probably witnessed his house demolished, his child, father, mother, brother or somebody else of his family killed, humiliated and arrested by the Occupation, who decides to kill himself and take some Israeli enemies according to his "belief" with him.

The whole world is talking about the suicide bombers, the Palestinian terrorists. The strong Israeli propaganda twisted the truth. The daily killing of Palestinians, of innocent kids, mothers, boys, girls, men... and the killing their hope, about that nobody is talking.

These are photos made by somebody else of the "lovely" killings by the Israeli IDF troops during their mission raiding the Palestinian cites during the Intifada.

P.S.: On May 26, another boy from Sofian's family, Tamer Nizar Fatehi Arar of age 7, was also killed by the IDF.

These are some pictures shot during the so-called peacetime.

1999 - Amjad Al-Mohtaseb of 9 years was shot from 10 meters in front of his home at the Abraham cave because he refused to give his football to a border police officer. His grandmother died of a heart attack when she heared of this. Colonel Sharon bought him a new football after he lost his knee due to the shooting. This cynical gesture angered his family.

1998 - Rafat Al-Natsheh of 9 years was shot by a sniper the day after Lobna (below) when he was coming out of school.

1998 - Lobna Misk of 8 years was shot in the belly while coming home from school with a very good class certificate. Next to her are her certificate, an IDF grenade hull (Made in U.S.A.) and some rubber bullets collected from the street on her pillow.