The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

  ..: A shameful Attack :..
May 17, 2003

"The enemies of freedom, justice and peace always avoid the truth, and turn equity into injustice and accusations to try others with"

He read my diary and wrote to me, "...a shameful attack, it reflects so poorly on you".

The people who don't live one hour under the occupation will never believe the truth. And, The people who didn't know how the Israeli intelligence invents events will accuse others of invective and maybe of paranoia.

Everybody knows that Samar and Jawad were victims of an unjust trial in London. They were "awarded" 20 years imprisonment for exactly nothing on December 16, 1996.

Everybody knows that Samar and Jawad were not involved in blowing up the Israeli Embassy and the Union of Zionist Organizations in London.

Everybody knows that the Israeli Embassy lights and cameras were turned off from inside the Embassy when the staged play happened.

Everybody knows that there was no direct charge or evidence against the victims by the court itself.

Everybody knows that, but nobody knows how the Israeli intelligence conspired, worked and invented events to hold others for life in jails.
Who would believe that the Israeli intelligence, posing as
"Al-Kaidah", had given money and "Kalashinkof" weapons to innocent Palestinians, and encouraged them to commit terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians in order to invent a new accusation of involvement of Palestinians with the "Al-Kaidah" terror organizing of Osama bin Laden ?
I will not be astonished if somebody considers my diaries as an invective against the "dignity" of the occupation and its branches and supporters all over the world. No normal Israeli, no normal human being and no real peace activist would see my diary as an invective against the "dignity" of the occupation.

Occupation is based on contempt of the dignity and humanity of the others, the occupied ones. Otherwise I would not have become a refugee for the third time in my life, at this early age.

All what I write is about my experience, the reality I live, what has happened to me and what I have seen with my own eyes. Nobody will convince me that what I have seen and experienced is not true. Some people will see my writings as an affront, but then, the truth is not always comfortable to some. In the end, the truth always shines through.