The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

  ..: The IDF Officer who sent me a Husband :..
May 9, 2003

Colonel Baruch Naggar, the commanding officer of Major Fuad. When he learnt about this story, he was astonished at the "initiative" of his officer. He was the best among the worst. He left the army in 1999.

Colonel Fuad, who sent me a schyzo Husband. This picture was taken in 1995.

Major Fuad was an officer of the Permits Unit at the civil Administration in Hebron. He worked under Colonel Goldstein and Colonel Baruch Naggar in the city.

Everybody in Hebron knows Major Fuad. He is a druze officer, but he was bigger miscreant than most of the Jewish occupational officers. Everybody had a terrible memory with Major Fuad.

The first confrontation between me and Major Fuad took place when I published the deplorable stories of
tyranny in his office, the death of a Palestinan youth from Yatta's village "Siliman" who was delayed to reach the hospital by for medical treatment by Major Fuad.

Major Fuad used to scare the journalists denying them the right to free speech. My stories became as a rebel against his instructions and the tyranny behaviors at the office of the civil administration.

The first article I published in Al-Quds newspaper was followed by a strong reaction from Major Fuad. He threatened my colleagues at the office of the newspaper. He used the IDF spokesperson to send a warning message and the military censorship to censor and stop my articles, he sent me arrest threats.

The second article I published was about the mother of a dentist  who wasn't issued a travel permit for medical treatment in Jerusalem. This article was followed by other articles about the civil service of issuing birth certificates and I.D's for the Palestinians at the civil administration office. I wrote about the files of certificates which were not delivered to their owners for over six months.

I wrote about the Police and the intelligence and how they treated Palestinians. Each one of these reports caused more threat by Major Fuad, and Governor adviser Colonel "Iyal" and more challenge by me.

As a result of ignoring the officers threat Colonel 'Iyal' invited me to his office. It was the first time I was requested by the Governor's adviser. Colonel 'Iyal' threatened me during the meeting. He said "while you are holding an I.D. issued by the Governor office, you should understand that you are under the Governor authority and we can request and arrest you at any time.

I told Colonel 'Iyal' that I know that I don't have an I.D, and the occupation issued me what you call "an I.D", and I also know  that I'm a journalist holding International press card, this gives me the right to exercise my journalistic work.

The day after the meeting, I published all what Colonel "Iyal" told me during our meeting. I just put the things as if it was under his name.

This made the occupational Governor Goldstein and both officers Fuad and Iyal very angry and lose control over their reactions. Fuad and Iyal phoned and threatened the newspaper office, they threatened to stop issuing travel permits for the other journalists if they would not control my stories.  There was some coward journalists from the "fifth column" who tried to harm me in order to make the Majors Fuad and Iyal happy. They were some aliens who had lost the moral of the journalism values. One of them was arrested by Palestinian militants. They killed him after he confirmed his relationship with the occupation. He caused the deaths and arrest of several Palestinians during the Intifada. 

The challenge increased between me, Major Fuad and their allies. The daily newspaper carried more inhuman stories about Major Faud, Godstein and Iyal, each story made the officers even sicker than the previous one.

The Governor Goldstein changed and Colonel Baruch Naggar replaced him, the day before he left his office, he invited all of the Hebronite Palestinian journalists, they invited me but I refused, in the end they bargained for me to come.

During the official meeting, Colonel Goldstein said, "...we have to admit that we are dealing with a new journalist face, she is a woman and sharing with us this meeting with a paper and a pen, while we are holding this friendly meeting to introduce the new Governor who is going to replacing me tomorrow, Colonel Baruch Naggar.

The meeting went, and my newspaper was published with the headline "A new Governor arrived at Hebron Accused of Killing four Palestinians at Ramallah", and describing the whole story.
This made very bad image for the new commander. I was invited again by Colonel Baruch Naggar, he tried to explain me the story which I had published and which made him astonished. He asked me about my sources and tried to give reasons for what he had done.

He said "I didn't kill him but I beat them. I was on a patrol in Ramallah, suddenly I was faced by Palestinians carrying a big rock, they were ready to throw it at me, I beat them. I splat them on their faces, but the court carried an unjust decision against me."

Colonel Naggar treated me with more respect, I understood that he don't like to make any touch with me, and he wanted me to leave him alone. My story caused him a lot of noise.

The challenge between me and Major Fuad increased when he interfered in my private life and sent me a schizophreniac man, Falah (his first name), to marry me. He understood that Hebronite women are obliged by tradition to stay home after marriage, so this would be the only solution, from his point of view, to stop my journalistic work.

Falah was a victim of Major Fuad. He used to assist a spy from the U.S.A., a woman by the name of Allen, who had her own spying relationship with Major Fuad.  Falah was the translator of the Allen. Major Fuad talked small things about me, he promised Falah to help him with any money he could need should I ask from him for marriage. It is a custom in Palestine that the groom should give an amount of money, clothes and gold to the bride before the marriage. The amount itself is a matter of negotiation between the families and is stipulated in a contract, where the amount of money and goods to be given to the woman in case of divorce will also be written down.

When Major Fuad heard about my refusal to Falah's proposal, he told Falah that "Kawther is not a virgin", and that I had been married and divorced in secret, and he (Falah) should spread these "news" in the city of Hebron.

Major Fuad thought that spreading these false rumors would  damage my reputation, and maybe it would force my family to make revenge on me or stop my journalistic work.

These disgusting ploys were used by the occupational intelligence in many different cases. They demanded from their spy allies to take pictures of some women the intelligence wanted to force into collaborating with them. The Shabak (israeli intelligence) would use these photos of women to paste them on top of photos of naked bodies or of more than compromitting sexual scenes. The Shabak would then invite these women to an interview and show them these manipulated pictures of themselves, demanding that they collaborate and spy on somebody of interest to the Shabak, or else. This dirty game was used by the occupational intelligence all the time.

Falah was miserable and sick, he told everybody that he loved me, he asked others to help him to marry me, he told me all what he had heard from Major Fuad. I was busy with writing more important stories against Fuad and ignored all what I heard. This made Fuad ask Colonel Baruch Naggar for a help.

When Colonel Naggar invited me to his office, he also asked Major Fuad to share in the meeting with us. He asked me "please tell me what's going on between you and Majr Fuad, I read daily more bad stories you write about him, while he does not like to read his name under all of these bad images in your newspaper".

I tried to make it clear that I'm a journalist, and I have to write against the violations of human rights, but that Fuad had sent me a schizophreniac man to marry me, that he had told him small things about me, and that he had put this miserable man, Falah, under arrest in the toilet after he told me everything about him Fuad. I told him that I was ready to publish everything.

Colonel Naggar was astonished and asked Fuad if this was true or not. Fuad kept silence and didn't respond, all what he did was to take revenge for my stories.