The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

  ..: Subject: No Shalom with the Arabs!!No Secular state!! :..
April 29, 2003

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Subject: No Shalom with the Arabs!!No Secular state!!
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It was,is and always will be a JEWISH state,so u and ur kind can pack your bags up and get out of my beloved country,Israel,or die in trying to destroy Israel.This is a country made as a refuge for Jews,where Jews will be a majority,if we aloow the arab cancer to live among us and grow,we will no longer be a majority in a country that was designed for us to be a majority in it,and with the hatred u arab dogs hold for us in your rotten hearts of poison and evil,i am seeing another holocaust.You may have succeeded in luring a few stupid Jews into defending u against their own blood and nation,but remember this,u filthy poison of all nations and peoples,there are still people in Israel who are like me,Right-wing ultra-nationalist ultra-Zionists,who would never betray their country!!and as long as people like me exist,there will laways be a Jewish State,that stands alone,with no "palestinian" terrorist nation,u are bedouins,and now u want our land?a land that we owned before u and ur goats and live stock, roamed through,without settling a nation,but now that the rightful owners are back,u want to bitch about it,we are on to ur game,we are not ignorant,well,not all Jews.U have no right to the land,u never will form ur own state that will mark the destruction of Israel!!!