The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

  ..: The soldier woman who stole my shoe :..
April 28, 2003

The first day:

She was ready to shoot at me near my house, I was trying to take some photos of the settler kids who damaged the Palestinian shops during the curfew. The soldier woman was protecting them. I took a photo of her when she raised her hand in front the camera lens. She ran behind me to steal the camera, but I ran to my house and closed the door. She stopped in front of my house with a smile of rage. I took another photo of her. She said, "Fuck to all Arab women". She threatened "I'll engage all Hebronite women in a whore house in Tel Aviv, I'll pay them each 50 Sheqel a day !"

The second day:

The soldier woman stopped at the "4,5" military post on the Abraham Cave road, in Hebrew "Arba, Khamesh" "Marat Makbela Rokhov".

She was looking at me while she was searching Mr. Sedi Ahmads medical documents. She ran behind me and I ran away. My summer shoe felt down. she took it happily and left me.

This Israeli soldier woman belonged to the "Sakhlav" unit, which means: Military Police Unit with blue hat. "Sakhlav" is a name of flower in Hebrew.

This soldier woman used to serve near my house at the moring and on my rooftop at the evening. She caused me a lot of troubles and noise at home.

Once she asked me for her pictures and a cigarette. I gave her both, but she didn't stop her crazy behavior. She stoned me at home and spread the garbage everywhere.

She is a soldier woman who forced me to walk barefoot in the streets during the day, and denied me to sleep at night ...

The IDF soldier  mentioned in the story above.

Here she is again, this time with a cute smile. Behind her are some settler kids, ready to throw stones at Kawther. She wants to become a Madame in Tel Aviv after she leaves the army.