The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

  ..: The Social Security Office :..
February 20, 2003

I was looking at my watch. It's five past two when I arrived the social office.

I was in a deep thought of sharing the poor people living the same life. To share the poor people's life, feelings and problems is something different and difficult for somebody used to be rich.

During the past, I exposed the poor people problems, I raised a voice for them voice. How many time I clashed with owners of moving chairs to take such decisions to help these human beings, or to stop violating their rights. More times than I can remember.

I said, it seems the situation in Wien social office is better than in my country. Here everybody is coming, moving, talking and even smiling on time. The floor and the toilets looked very clean. But nobody can forebode what's going on behind the closed doors.

On 23d December 2002 I visited these offices. The worker called me before my arrival, I was a bit late.

I said to myself: "this is comfortable system, everybody should respect their appointment". One moment could change the world's history ! The global policy is based on controlling Time !

The meeting worked well, but it was a bit difficult. I don't understand German, I am an Arab woman, but I understand the English language. The social workers are Austrian, European women, but they don't speak a  second language !